Swimming mini bar for the pool for $10

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Genius and madness often go hand in hand. The swimming mini bar, on the other hand, is only genius. If you are not yet convinced of the idea of a floating minibar, you are welcome to read on.

Swimming mini bar in the pool

Floating mini bar with ice cube compartment

Some gadgets have a cool name, some just describe what they do. The floating minibar belongs to the second category. The floating version does not look like a conventional hotel minibar and is also not quite as expensive. The centre of attention is a container that provides additional cooling in the pool. The container is designed to be filled with ice cubes. Ice cubes in the pool? No, you shouldn’t cool the unheated pool water any further. The ice cubes are coming in your drink.

Floating minibar ice cube compartment

You can mix the drinks, because the floating minibar still has six cup holders to offer. Around the ice cube container in the middle, the cup holders for your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic soft drinks. Bottles and cups should fit in the holders so that you can vary well. The bottles are of course not included.

Floating minibar cup holder

Of course, only the inflatable, floating mini bar is included in the scope of delivery. When inflated, it measures 70 cm in diameter and can carry up to 50 kg. The floating minibar, which looks like a compressed marshmallow man, also has two black handles on the sides.

Floating mini bar Velcro fastener

The mini bar can be used both in the pool at home and in the bathing lake and the application possibilities are naturally manifold. At 30°C in summer we can’t wait to mix a drink at the floating mini bar. For the next pool party the minibar is as much a must as the floating beer pong table and the pizza air matress.

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    # 11.07.18 um 12:48

    Shawn Michael

    Works great and I had the chance to buy one again I would

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