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Besides saving energy, smart home has the advantage that everything can be controlled by cell phone or voice assistant like Alexa & Co. Now SwitchBot offers the “SwitchBot Bot”, which can be mounted on light switches, coffee makers, etc. and controlled by cell phone.

Scope of delivery and attachment

The packaging of the SwitchBot bot is labeled all around. In addition to various use cases, functions and a small set-up guide are listed. Apart from the SwitchBot Bot, the scope of delivery includes a sticker for attaching it to walls or light switches and two stickers with eyelets, which can also be used with the toggle light switches. The stickers are from 3M, which might be a familiar brand to some people.

Switchbot Bot Scope of delivery

The SwitchBot Bot is a small box, which is available in white or black, as well as individually or in a set with four bots. The cap on the top is decorated with the SwitchBot logo and is removable. Inside, there is a switch for resetting the settings and a battery. This is a CR Type D battery, which can be purchased on Amazon, for example.

With the adhesive pad on the back, the SwitchBot Bot can be attached to light switches or other desired points. The lever in the middle can turn the light on or off with one push. There is also the option to continue to use the switches manually because the bots do little to nothing to obstruct the buttons or switches.

I don’t find the attachment to light switches and buttons that well done, because the box looks very clunky and the purpose is rather in the foreground. I like then but rather alternatives like the Xiaomi Mi LED Blub. The bulbs are simply screwed into the sockets and can be operated both with the cell phone and with the light switch.

SwitchBot App

The SwitchBot app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. With the app you can connect the bot to your phone and control it. For a setup you need an account, which you can create in the home area on the + in the top left corner.

There are several setting options. Besides a timer, you can use a password if not everyone is allowed to use a certain bot. For this purpose, you can control the bot via NFC and via the hub.

The bot can be used with 2 different modes in the “Password, Mode” area. One mode is Press mode with a press on the light switch and the other is Switch mode where the bot pulls the light switch towards it with the eyelets. This method is mainly for toggle switches. The modes can be set between 1 and 60 seconds on the light switch. A nice addition is the battery level, which shows how full the bots are and the log directory, which shows you when the bots were in use.

Unfortunately, the app is only available in English, French, Chinese, Japanese or Korean and not in German. In the home area, you can see all the bots that have been connected. It is nice that you can name all bots differently; especially if you have several light switches or other application areas in your home, this is quite practical.

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If you want to reconnect bots, the connection process works fine. To do this, simply click on the + in the home area and then all previously connected SwitchBot devices should be displayed under “Add a Device”. It’s nice that saved settings are also applied and you don’t have to make any new ones.

How do I connect the SwitchBot Hub to the WLAN?

If you would like to have a voice assistant or pre-brew your coffee on the go, you can use the SwitchBot Hub Mini. The smart home devices themselves are only Bluetooth capable and can be used on the go with the hub thanks to the Wi-Fi integration. Unfortunately, the Hub Mini is not included and has to be ordered separately from SwitchBot.

SwitchBot Hub Mini
Scope of delivery of the SwitchBot Hub Mini

The integration into the WLAN is then also done via the SwitchBot app. To do this, you simply have to pair the hub with the phone via “Add a Device” and then activate the cloud service for the bot in the settings. You will see a cloud when the bot can be paired with the hub.

SwitchBot Cloud Service on

With the cloud service, you’ll see if you’re paired with the right hub, and then you can choose your voice assistant to connect it to the hub.

Why should you use Switchbots?

The SwitchBot bots make your home smart. The advantage of the bots is the uncomplicated installation. Simply stick them in the desired place, connect them to your cell phone and the box is ready. SwitchBot not only offers the bots, but also curtains and contact sensors for doors and windows. As you can see, there is a wide range of smarthome possibilities.


The app works reliably and the transfer of settings is practical. Annoying, however, is the account requirement and the lack of German language. However, the attachment of the bots does not look quite as nice and seems rather makeshift. From a purely visual point of view, I naturally like other smart home products like the smart Xiaomi Mi LED Blub better, as they integrate more organically into the living space.

The best use for it, in my opinion, is as a light switch. SwitchBot advertises other features, these I find a bit superfluous, but it is nice that you can customize the bots for yourself. For a price of 25€ per piece, I find the SwitchBot bots justified and a nice addition to his household.

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