Small and practical: table vacuum cleaner for $9.89

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

You ate chips and there’s crumbs everywhere now? But it’s not worth taking out the vacuum cleaner for that? With this table vacuum cleaner you can easily vacuum them away.

Table vacuum cleaner on table

General data

Power2 Watt
Charging voltage5 Volt
Battery1200 mAh lithium battery (3.7 Volt)
Dimensions15.3 x 8.6 x 7.5 cm
Accessoriessuction nozzle
ColorMint green, Pink, Light grey, Green

The table vacuum cleaner is made of plastic. In addition, it has an attachment that is also made of plastic. To use this table vacuum cleaner you have to charge it with a Micro-USB cable. This is not included, but should be available in every household through other technical devices.

Mainly you can remove crumbs, dust, hair and small parts from a sofa, desk, keyboard or car seat with this vacuum cleaner.

Table vacuum cleaner four rooms


The vacuum cleaner has a round suction head with several openings. Nylon bristles are also attached to this. These help to vacuum up the dust better. The container in which the dirt is stored can be opened. To do this, remove the lid of the head, facing upwards.

There one discovers also the wind spiral. This provides the right suction for the table vacuum cleaner. This spiral is also made of plastic. The interface for the charging cable is located to the right of the handle. As accessories a suction nozzle is supplied, with which one comes better into cracks. This nozzle is attached to the suction head and protrudes slightly beyond the radius of the suction head.

The table vacuum cleaner is started via the power button on the upper side of the handle. There is only one suction strength and therefore the vacuum cleaner only goes on and off via the button.

Table vacuum cleaner Suction nozzle

Battery life and dirt container

The manufacturer does not indicate much about the battery life. One thing is for sure: When the battery is empty, you can charge the table vacuum cleaner with a Micro-USB cable. A test would be necessary here to give an exact indication of the battery life and duration of charging. Too bad that the manufacturer doesn’t lose anything about it.

The dirt container is in the suction head. But it looks very small. For a few crumbs and some dust sufficient, but for more probably not to be used, basically not intended for it either.

Table vacuum cleaner open


For a few crumbs or some dust this vacuum cleaner could be very useful. I doubt, however, that you can do more with it. The container of the head doesn’t seem big enough to vacuum a complete legroom of a very dirty car. In addition there is the battery of the vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer does not specify a battery life or a charging time. Too bad, here would be for an exact specification a test or your experience with the table vacuum cleaner from advantage.

For the small domestic use certainly sufficiently applicable, but not, in order to accomplish the weekly cleaning of the car or the home of one’s own. But that’s not what it’s meant for.

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