The craziest table vacuum cleaners from $2.89

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Anyone who has seen one of these table vacuum cleaners in use knows that you can’t expect miracles from them. But: They are very suitable as gifts, look funny on the desk and yes, they also catch crumbs, dust and small collections of dirt. Of course, they’re not as powerful as vacuum robots, but on average they only cost about a twentieth of their big brothers.

Don’t make such a face!

Admittedly, the faces are not the most friendly, but they are always funny! Like all the models described here, the vacuum cleaners are charged using a micro-USB charging cable. Measuring 10.5 x 8.5 x 7.0 cm, the plastic face vacuum cleaners are still among the larger models.

Table Vacuum Cleaner Faces

Animal support on the desk

To make sure that you don’t get too lonely in the home office without your beloved colleagues, we have found animal support: These little comrades not only vibrate vacuuming over the table, but also look (depending on the model) very cute and funny. Clear classification in the category gift.

Table vacuum cleaner dog

Step on the gas to combat dust

The Maserati among the table vacuum cleaners can definitely be found at AliExpress. A sports car with a brush head at the front on the underside that races over the desk? Very cool and exclusive, like unfortunately its much too high price. But you should have seen it, even if you should keep your hands off it with the price. The “normal” ice-cream van variant is much cheaper, but also less spectacular.

Table vacuum cleaner sports car

And if the car ever has an accident with the keyboard and catches fire, maybe this table vacuum cleaner will help:

Mini Fire Extinguisher Vacuum Cleaner

The Standard Model

Who doesn’t want a special design? So if you already reach for a table vacuum cleaner, in my opinion you also need a cool look. But everybody has to know that for himself. Maybe it is also possible for one or the other to attach a new design to one of the two linked standard models? ?

Deli table vacuum cleaner

Hmm, delicious!

Well, the toadstool is certainly not very tasty – and certainly not harmless. You shouldn’t eat the other vacuum cleaners either, but they look even more tasty. For food lovers, not necessarily for people with taste.

Table Vacuum Cleaner Mushroom

During the extensive gadget research in the China shops, we found something that doesn’t quite fit in here, but is definitely worth mentioning:

Vacuum robot for the smartphone: The minibot

Yes, you have read the headline correctly: Smartphones also need to be cleaned and now have an assistant: With these little robot vacuum cleaners, you no longer have to swing your handkerchief, but can now do it relaxed with the little dust fighters. For the smartphone, tablet and other devices with a screen.

Table vacuum cleaner Smartphone

So on my personal shopping list, the caterpillar and the minibot landed. What are your favorite models from the table vacuum cleaners?

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