Tactical Pen – ball-pen as an emergency glass breaker for $3.27

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Let’s take a ordinary scenario. Half past ten in the morning, you are sitting ambitiously at the desk, juggling with a pen between your fingers, you just want to do your work. Suddenly, a zombie apocalypse breaks out of the nothing and hordes of undead are already bloodthirsty in front of your door. You look around but there are only a cordless keyboard and a dried up indoor plant surrounds you. If you only had the tactical pen between the fingers to protect yourself.

Tactical Pen

According to the principle of a Kubotan, this 15 cm long pin made of aluminum can be used as a tactical pen or self-defense weapon. The tip end can be used as a weapon, but also as an emergency hammer replacement, if you have to destroy a window pane, eg to escape from zombies. 😉 Realistically, the pen is a nice tool in the car, for example.

Sure, the grip is not as good as the original Kubotan, but there is a recess on the strap to put your finger in. Moreover it is only for emergency situations. Typical application areas are also impressively advertised on the most diverse shop pages.🙂

In everyday life you can enjoy your fancy pens / tactical pen and do your work in peace, but you have the certainty that you have the chance to break out and just leave. The tactical pen is not covered by the Weapons Act and can be legally carried along in most countries. Thanks to its stable construction and the hard material it can be used in the same way as the Kubotan. You will receive a survival emergency glass hammer as well as a self-defense weapon for small money. The only missing thing is an integrated belt cutter.

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  • 17.03.18 um 01:56


    Have one love it .use it everyday

  • 12.04.18 um 05:14

    Jack frost

    So you break Windows with s pen how does that make you feel

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