TaoTronics Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port for $36.99

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Those who often arrive at their desks late at night to finally finish their housework, do their taxes or simply surf the Internet are dependent on the right lighting. Just relying on the brightness of the notebook display is harmful to your eyes. Desk lamps are a remedy for this and not only serve as an intro sequence for popular animated films. We took a closer look at a TaoTronics desk lamp.

TaoTronics desk lamp

Technical Specifications

Max. Wattage9 Watt
Voltage12 Volt
Lamp typeLED
Energy efficiency classA
Average life40,000 hours
Dimensions44.5 x 21.5 x 7.3 cm
Weight1.2 kg

With fixed stand

The actual lamp is mounted on a round, relatively flat base with a diameter of 18 cm. Almost the entire desk lamp is made of silver metal, which is slightly roughened. Under the base there is a thin layer of foam on which the lamp stands. Because the diameter of this layer is one centimetre smaller, it is not immediately visible under the base, giving the impression that the lamp is “floating”. The foam also ensures that the lamp can be easily moved on the table without leaving scratches.

TaoTronics Desk Lamp Foam

TaoTronics Desk Lamp Base

On the upper semicircle of the base the control element of the lamp was installed, which reacts to touches. Above the control panel is a joint that allows an angle of approx. 130°. Up to the second joint it is 37 cm again until the actual lamp begins. The illuminated area measures 27 x 3.5 cm. While the two “arms” are made of silver metal, the joints are kept white and seem to be made of plastic, but still look well made. Due to the relatively large base and the weight of 1.2 kg, the TaoTronics desk lamp is also quite sturdy and is not so easy to knock over.

TaoTronics Desktop Lamp Packaging

The packaging of the desk lamp is also really something special. However, the colors rather give the impression of an action-packed gadget and you don’t think that the content is a lamp. Nevertheless, everything is safely packed and the appropriate power cable is of course included.

More than just a lamp?

Since this is not a smartphone or a fitness tracker, but a lamp, the range of functions is limited accordingly. Nevertheless, the TaoTronics desk lamp can do more than just light up. There are three touch-sensitive buttons on the control panel. When the lamp is not on, the On/Off button glows bluish. When the lamp is on, it offers five different brightness levels in the selected colour. These steps are clearly separated from each other and the difference between the brightest and darkest step is already very clear. Because the entire LED is exposed, the lamp diffuses the light sufficiently well and definitely illuminates an individual’s workplace.

TaoTronics Desk Lamp Control Panel
The touch-sensitive keys react very quickly and reliably

The colour does not mean that the LEDs glow in colour. Rather, five different colour temperatures are meant, which vary from 3000 K to 6000 K. While at 3000 Kelvin a warmer, slight orange glow occurs, 5000 Kelvin corresponds to a xenon lamp. Personally, I prefer these colder colour temperatures, but that’s up to you. The operation via the touch-sensitive keys works really well and I often catch myself switching back and forth between the different levels.

TaoTronics desk lamp Colour temperatures
From 5000 K (neutral white) to 3000 K (warm white)

A nice little feature of the TaoTronics desk lamp is the USB charging function. Next to the power connector on the back of the base is a USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone. This is only a USB 2.0 port, but it’s still practical. You can never have enough USB ports. Nevertheless, for this price a Quick Charge possibility or a second USB connection would have been possible in my opinion.

TaoTronics Desktop Lamp Connectors
Besides the power connection there is a USB interface

Stylish desk lamp

What can we say about this desk lamp from TaoTronics? She does her job absolutely reliably. I particularly liked the control panel with touch-sensitive keys and the good workmanship. The design is definitely a matter of taste. In a modern furnished office the lamp fits really well and is adaptable by the different adjustment modes. TaoTronics is also a relatively renowned brand that has delivered a good product in an attractive packaging. However, you certainly don’t have to spend almost 40 dollar on a desk lamp.

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