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In 2020, people spend and will spend significantly more time at home than they would like. As a result, topics relating to the home are increasingly coming to the fore. One of these topics is air purification. The more time one spends within one’s own four walls, the more one appreciates good air. The TCL Breeva A1 is designed to provide better air and a pleasant atmosphere at home.

TCL Breeva A1: Better air in smaller rooms.

It’s very hard to tell how well an air purifier performs at a distance and even in direct operation. However, in product advertisements they are all gigantically good, of course. Therefore, take the following specs not as a recommendation, but as an orientation.

According to the manufacturer TCL, which we know mainly through the brand’s smartphones, the air purifier is specifically designed for rooms of a size of up to 15 m². A value that sounds quite plausible for a 32.0 x 20.0 cm small air purifier. This is related to the CADR value of 120m³/h. The CADR value indicates how much room air is cleaned from three different types of particles with a size between 0.09µm and 11.0µm each within one minute.

TCL Breeva A1 Air Prufier Operation Control Panel Control

Four times per hour, and thus every 15 min, the Breeva A1 filters the room air at maximum speed, ensuring good indoor air. In operation, you can choose between four colors (green, violet, blue, multicolored), which light up on the top. Whether this really changes the atmosphere of a room in a big way remains to be seen. We already know such lights from the Geekbes model and the Proscenic A8; the latter, however, glows on the bottom.

TCL Breeva A1 Air Purifier Child Lock
A child lock can also be set.

Sleep mode with low volume

The owner of the Breeva A1 can switch between three ventilation speeds, which also results in different noise levels. In sleep mode, the A1 only reaches a volume of 20 dB, on the medium speed it is 39 dB and on the highest 48 dB. For comparison, we humans converse at an average volume of 60 dB. So, especially the sleep mode is really quiet, if the given data is also true in practice.

TCL Breeva A1 Air Purifier Sleepmode Volume
You can sleep well at a volume of only 20 dB.

Filtering is done under the plastic tray by means of a 3-in-1 multifunctional cleaning filter, which consists of a pre-filter, HEPA-13 filter and activated carbon filter. Up to 0.3µm small microbes should be able to be filtered. In addition, smoke, cigarette and pet odors are also captured and absorbed. The average consumer really can’t verify this, but it sounds good 😉 .

Do you find air purifiers interesting or do you say no one needs them?

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