Is there any tea left? Tea strainer with built-in press for $1.14

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Especially in the cooler seasons warm drinks appear to us as the optimal contrast to the icy air outside. Some of us who are blessed with a less strong immune system are not unfamiliar with tea, especially when it comes to the herbal variant. The hope for a speedy recovery is the main motivation to fall back on the not so pleasant tasting varieties. Maybe the tea strainer with built-in press can help to get the best out of the tea.

Tea strainer with cup

Often we look down with a little regret on the small tea bag, which still carries so much unused potential in itself after pulling. To really get the last ounce of essential oils out of it, this tea strainer in the practical spoon shape with integrated press is suitable, which can extract the last flavored droplets from the bag if required. If you don’t want to do without your own compositions, you can also fill tea in a loose form into the chamber provided for this purpose and extract the taste according to the same principle.

Tea strainer with press Functionality

Tastes best hot!

The tea strainer with built-in press is available in green, which makes the cutlery drawer look a little more colourful. As far as size is concerned, it should resemble the size of a classic tablespoon. Due to the similar shape, it could also be stored in the same compartment. Caution is required, however, in that polypropylene is heat-resistant due to its thermoplastic properties, but nevertheless relatively conductive to heat. Therefore, handle with care to avoid wounds caused by water or steam that is too hot.

Tea strainer dimensions

The eager tea drinkers and enthusiasts who don’t want to miss the last bit of the aroma of their favourite variety are well served with this gadget. Of course, the strainer is not designed for the contents of a whole pot, but those who want to treat themselves to a single cup will get their money’s worth.

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    I just read this, old posting though, I often enjoy a brew our front sitting and enjoying the morning noises outside, hearing everyone wake up for another day of work or study …might go make one now

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