Teapot with filter for loose tea for $25.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

From the Xiaomi universe, there are now several interesting concepts for tea or coffee mugs. Either with OLED display from Kiss Kiss Fish or the Fiu Grace cup, which cannot be knocked over. This teapot with filter should make drinking tea as easy as drinking water.

Teapot with filter


This teapot is also distributed via Youpin, Xiaomi’s own shop & crowdfunding site, but does not come directly from Xiaomi. Nevertheless, the teapot captivates with a timeless design and comes almost entirely in white. Only on the side of the teapot is there a recess, which gives information about the filling level of the teapot through the glass inside.

Teapot with filter Tea

The teapot with filter basically consists of two or three parts. On the one hand there is the lower part, which has a capacity of 300 ml. The glass column is protected by the white plastic. The bottom offers a silicone layer, which gives a better hold.

Teapot with filter Glas

The lid consists of two parts: the stainless steel filter and the actual glass lid. With a length of 24 cm and a diameter of 7 cm we get a total weight of 455 g.

Making tea by tilting the pot

In order to fulfil the purpose of the teapot you have to fill the lower plastic part with hot water and position your favourite tea in the glass lid. Stainless steel filter on the glass lid, the lid on the actual pot and off you go.

Teapot with filter 45 degree angle
Due to the 45° inclination the hot water flows into the lid with tea, mixes and flows out again.

Then you theoretically have to tilt the pot 45° (lid down) to start the filtration. Then the hot water mixes with the loose tea in the glass area. As soon as the tea has brewed long enough, bring the glass lid back up and tilt it by 45°, the tea will flow into the belly of the teapot.


We noticed ourselves that the stainless steel filter does not work perfectly. The tea we used might have been a bit too fine for the filter, but this should be true for most teas. Although it’s hard to bear a few tea residues in your drink, you’d like a better result for the money. In general, the idea is pretty cool, the implementation has also worked well for the most part, but for the actual price the China gadget is simply too expensive and real tea lovers probably have their preferred method.

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