Tesvor S6 LDS hybrid vacuum robot with app for $299.99 at Amazon

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The vacuum robot manufacturer Tesvor is known for its low Amazon prices, as the vacuum robots still have a lot to offer – especially in terms of functionality. The Tesvor S6 is the manufacturer’s first LDS model and is intended to be the brand’s new flagship model. Does the household helper meet the requirements?

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot

Technical data: Comparison to the Simum 6

The Tesvor S6 is the manufacturer’s first LDS vacuum robot, followed shortly after by the Simum 6. For robots up to $300 you get an unusual amount of money from the brand. But: The company does not dare to make the leap to the top, more expensive models also offer more killer features and other advantages. Maybe now with the S6?

Tesvor S6

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot product image

Simum 6

Simum 6 vacuum robot Product image

Suction power2700 pa2700 pa
NavigationLaser-Space Measurement via LDSLaser-Space Measurement via LDS
AppWeBack (for Android, iOS, Amazon Skill)WeBack (for Android, iOS, Amazon Skill)
Operating Volume59-68 dB59-68 dB
Battery2500 mAh2500 mAh
dust chamber/water tank0.6 l/ 0.6 l0.6 l/ no
charging time5-6 h5-6 h
Working time120, 80, 60 min (with ascending suction stage)100, 80, 60 min (with ascending suction stage)
Weight4.0 kg5.0 kg
Dimensions33 x 33 x 10 cm33 x 33 x 10 cm
  • App Control
  • Live Mapping
  • Alexa and Google Home Control
  • Remote control
  • Wipe function
  • App Control
  • Live Mapping
  • Alexa and Google Home Control
  • Remote control

Differences between Tesvor S6 and Simum 6

What does this table make clear? The two models are extremely similar, if only almost completely identical in construction. We were also able to verify this in the test phase.

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot comparison Simum 6
Left the Tesvor S6, right the Simum 6. Find the difference.
Tesvor S6 vacuum robot LDS
The LDS looks a little different. Also the color scheme, but otherwise …

The differences are accordingly:

  • Wiping function through attached water tank (gigantic size!)
  • working time 20 min. longer
  • supposedly minimally better navigation (but then you have to take out the magnifying glass)
  • Price is a bit higher
Tesvor S6 vacuum robot scope of delivery
Even the scope of delivery is identical – except for the water tank and the additional microfiber cloth.
Tesvor S6 vacuum robot sticker
But be careful how you peel off the sticker, otherwise such remains will remain.

The wipe function of the Tesvor S6

The only really noticeable difference between the Tesvor S6 and Simum 6 is the 0.6 l water tank and the associated wiping function of the Tesvor. With such a large water tank, you can of course also wipe large areas. This of course assumes that the Tesvor S6 wipes well, which is not the case with many hybrid models. Here is how you prepare the wiping function:

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot water tank
Fill the 0.6 l water tank with water.
Dust chamber must be removed accordingly before.
Tesvor S6 vacuum robot water tank Mounting
Attach the water tank on the underside.
Tesvor S6 vacuum robot Underside wiping function
This is what it looks like on the bottom side.

Then it can start. The wiping is the usual construct that we have seen in action on many hybrid models: The tank lets drops run onto the cloth that the robot pulls behind it. Of course, the floor becomes cleaner and wiped. But it is not enough for deep-seated stains, because the tank can exert little to no pressure on the floor. Without a vibrating water tank it is simply difficult to find a good vacuum wiping robot.

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot wiping
He wipes – but not outstanding.

If you are looking for a vacuum robot with a good wiping function (but pure wiping robots are still stronger in this category), take a closer look at the Deebot Ozmo 950 or Roborock S5 Max.

Tesvor S6 vacuum robot attached wiping function
The wipe function is nice to have, but in my opinion not a reason to buy.

Conclusion: Buy Tesvor S6 vacuum robot?

Since the Tesvor S6 and Simum 6 are almost identical, an almost identical conclusion applies to the Tesvor, of course: A good to very good entry-level model that offers many functions despite its low price. Especially praiseworthy are the large dust chamber and the equally large water tank as well as the high suction power and the well working laser distance sensor. The low working time does not necessarily have to be a negative point, after all, not everyone has floors of over 150 m² at home.

Of course, Tesvor has to save money somewhere in order to offer affordable models with a wide range of functions.They do this primarily in the materials used and the workmanship of the robot – although of course nothing falls apart here – and the translation into apps and manuals. The Tesvor S6 simply does not look as high-quality as other vacuum robots. This is also true for the package contents (charging station etc.).

There are not many LDS vacuum robots in the price range that can wipe at the same time. If you don’t expect miracles from the wiping function and can live with weak translation in app and manuals as well as mediocre material, you will get a very good beginner to middle class model.

What do you associate with the Tesvor brand?

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