Tesvor T8 vacuum robot: Optimized bestseller now available

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Chinese manufacturer Tesvor is often mistaken for an American company and was unknown for a long time. With the X500, they then launched one of the best-selling vacuum robot models on Amazon and made a name for themselves with it. Now the manufacturer, which has been operating since 2016, seems to want to build on the success of the X500 and is launching the Tesvor T8 on the market.

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot Room recognition Navigation

Technical data: Comparison to Tesvor X500

Tesvor X500

Tesvor X500 vacuum robot

Tesvor T8

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot

Suction power1600 pa2000 pa
NavigationGyrosensorGyrosensor with optical lens
AppWeBack (for Android, iOS, Amazon Skill)WeBack (for Android, iOS, Amazon Skill)
Operating volume60-67 dB (volume at which people talk to each other)65 dB
Battery2500 mAh2500 mAh
Working time120 Min.100 Min.
Charging time3-4 h4-6 h
Dust chamber/ water tank0.6 l/ no tank0.6 l/ 0.35 l
Dimensions33,0 x 33,0 x 7,5 cm33,0 x 33,0 x 8,1 cm
Weight4.5 kg3.0 kg
CE markyesyes
Features📱 App control
🗺️ Mapping
🎤 Voice control via Google Home and Alexa
▶ Remote control
📱 App control
🗺️ Mapping
🎤 Voice control via Google Home and Alexa
▶ Remote control

Higher price, but also more functions?

The success of the Tesvor X500 can primarily be explained by the fact that, despite its relatively low price of $200, it navigates reasonably intelligently and still has mapping included in the software package – which is rare for a robot in this price segment. The T8 is based on the X500 both technically and in terms of software, but has been expanded to include an optical lens and a wipe function.

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot camera
On the top the T8 has a camera additionally to the gyro sensor.

Before (understandably) panic spreads: The camera doesn’t take optical pictures, so neither videos nor photos are taken. This is technically comparable to the Mi Robot 1S, but less chic. Despite the lack of a laser tower on the upper side, the developers have thought about this and left the robot at a low height of 8.1 cm, so that it can be placed under most pieces of furniture.

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot Dimensions
With a height of 8.1 cm, the T8 reaches more places than higher colleagues.

Mapping without laser

Thus the camera does not really disturb, but can improve the orientation at the walls. It now works with a combination of gyro sensor (remembers rotations from charging station) and V-SLAM algorithm (Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). The latter enables the robot to create a visual map of the premises that can be called up in the app, even without a laser distance sensor.

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot App
Without LDS, but still with mapping: The Tesvor T8.

But you can’t do too much with the created map. Apart from the live traceability of when the robot is working where, only Go-To zones (also for wiping) can be specified. No virtual walls, no no-go zones, no non-wiping areas. All this has to be controlled with the supplied magnetic tape. The OTA (Over-the-Air) process feeds the robot with firmware updates.

Tesvor T8 vacuum robot Wiping function
You have to wait and see how good the wipe function is.

After all, there are three well-known suction modes available via the app (not via the remote control):

  • Single Room (vacuums some sqm along the walls around itself)
  • Edge (drives walls specifically)
  • Spot (revolves around itself in growing circles)

Of course, the typical functions and attributes of a vacuum robot are also included (autonomous retrieval of the charging station, scheduling of working times, etc.).

Tesvor T8: Outlook and assessment

Tesvor is taking a similar step as Zaco recently with the A9S: Instead of continuing to rely on good value for money in their models, they are trying to establish themselves in the high-end sector. And they bring out a mediocre solution. Sure, for most needs and households the model will be completely sufficient, but with $350 it is also anything but cheap – measured by the range of functions.

Because the T8 is an optimized X500 with improved navigation (although not the best) and wipe function, I personally find the model far too expensive. As already mentioned, the previous models of the manufacturer have sold so often because they offer many functions for little money. And that’s exactly what the T8 doesn’t do anymore. For the price one gets alternatively a completely matured 360 S7 or also a Roborock S5. Whether and when the T8 will also be available in Tesvor’s Amazon shop is still unclear.

What do you mean: Disappointed by Tesvor or do we misjudge the model?

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