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The name Mobvoi certainly doesn’t seem familiar to most of you, but you might have heard of Ticwatch before. Recently they released the TWS In-Ears with the Ticpods, now they concentrate on Wearables again. At the CES in Las Vegas the Ticwatch E2 and S2 Smartwatch were presented.

Ticwatch E2 VS S2

Meanwhile the company has some Smartwatches in its portfolio. We could already test the Ticwatch 2, it did a lot well, but the own OS quickly found its limits. The Ticwatch E has finally found its way into our editorial office (is already being tested) and is based on WearOS, the Smartwatch operating system from Google. They would like to follow up now.

Technical data

Model Ticwatch E2 Ticwatch S2
Display 1.39 inch AMOLED, 400 x 400p 1.39 inch AMOLED, 400 x 400p
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
Battery 415 mAh 415 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, A-GPS Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, A-GPS
Operating System Wear OS, English, compatible with Android, iOS Wear OS, English, compatible with Android, iOS
Features Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Notifications, Phone, News, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Music Remote Control Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Notifications, Phone, News, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Music Remote Control
Dimensions 46.9 x 52.2 x 12.9 mm 46.9 x 52.2 x 12.9 mm

Only optical differences

So much is said, there are not many differences between the Ticwatch E2 and the Ticwatch S2. Mainly they are expressed in the optics. The center of attention is identical for both models. Both the E2 and the S2 are equipped with a 1.39 inch AMOLED touch screen, which offers a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels.

Ticwatch E2 Design

The watch body is basically the same as well, but the S2 (S stands for “sport”) sets a few more accents. With the S2 we get a tachymeter around the dial, which the E2 does without. In addition, the function key on the right side of the S2 is rectangular, on the E2 round. The silicone bands are also different, but both are 22 mm bands, which theoretically means that they can also be exchanged with each other.

Ticwatch E2 ATM 5 Water

It is also interesting that both are water-protected according to ATM 5. This means that you can take a shower and swim, but you should not dive. Both watches consist of a polycarbonate case.

Now with Snapdragon CPU

Technically, the Ticwatch E2 and Ticwatch S2 are one and the same watch. The core is the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which is also used in the Ticwatch C2 and Ticwatch Pro. It’s a pity that the brand new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor isn’t used yet, but apparently the 2100 is sufficient for the Smartwatch application range. This is also a significant improvement over the MediaTek Dual-Core that was in the predecessor.

Ticwatch S2 Smartwatch White

The memory capacity of the Smartwatches is not yet known. However, it is conceivable that, like its predecessor, it is a combination of 512 MB and 4 GB RAM. In addition, both watches are equipped with a 415 mAh battery, which should be sufficient for a usage of about 1.5 days. Of course, it depends on how much you use the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor.

Smartwatches with WearOS

The just mentioned big feature of the new Ticwatches is the operating system. In contrast to many other China Smartwatches, like the Zeblaze Thor Pro, Ticwatch relies on WearOS, the Google operating system for Smartwatches and not on an outdated Android version.

Ticwatch S2 Display

This way you not only get well-known fitness apps like Google Fit or Strava, but also other apps. Via Spotify or Google Play Music you can control music on your smartphone, call via a car or even play small games to pass the time. You get regular updates and could theoretically use Google Pay if Mobvoi had integrated NFC. This is probably left to the Ticwatch C2.


According to Mobvoi, both models will be launched relatively quickly, but no exact date was given. A release in Q1 or early Q2 would be quite conceivable. The price is also still unknown, but you can expect a starting price of about $170.

But in our eyes you get a solid upgrade rather than the new generation of Smartwatches. The changes are too small for that, but a clear performance difference to the predecessor should be measurable because of the new CPU. Those who need NFC should have a look at the Ticwatch C2, those who really want to get something offered should go for the Ticwatch Pro and those who want to concentrate on the sport should probably go for the new Ticwatch E2 or S2.

What do you think of the new generation? And do you have a Smartwatch yourself or is that unnecessary luxury for you?

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