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This type of cleaning brushes have probably seen some of you more often, but like me never held in their hands. Of course, the wheel wasn’t reinvented here, but I’ve always wanted to know how good these cleaning brushes really are and how necessary. So how did the Tiswall electric cleaning brush do in the test?

Tilswall electric cleaning brush

Technical Details

Battery3.7 VDC 4000 mAh lithium battery
Charging time3 – 4 hours (via 5V/2A charger)
Input100-240 VAC
Noise level<70 dB
Revolutions300 RPM
Working time90 – 180 min
Torque35.4 (kilogram-force-centimeter | ~3.47 Nm)Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is unsurprisingly only filled with the bare necessities:

  • 1 x electric cleaning brush
  • 4 x polycarbonate brush heads
    • hard flat brush
    • small flat brush
    • corner round brush
    • pointed brush
  • 1x wall holder (adhesive hook)
  • 1x micro USB charging cable

Not really exciting, but having 4 different brushes to choose from already pleases me. You can also buy them separately for about 16€ if they wear out. However, no charger/USB power supply is included, but you usually have these at home. Micro-USB is okay, but of course USB-C would have been more appreciated.

Design & workmanship

Design-wise, the Tilswall cleaning brush is as expected plain in a white plastic case with gray accents. The scrubber itself makes a very solid and well-made impression. Especially along the bottom you can see that everything has been screwed together neatly.

Tilswall electric cleaning brush CE plate
CE mark also present.

The handle fits comfortably in the hand, but it could be a bit more slip-proof. The micro-USB port is located behind a small rubber flap on the back of the handle. A bit further down on the handle are two side buttons that you have to press simultaneously to extend the handle. Closed, the scrubber is 70cm long, fully opened 110cm.

The biggest part of the 1.1 kilogram total weight is on the head section, where the motor is installed. An 80° tiltable joint is also installed there, which can be clicked into place in the straight position, but is otherwise infinitely adjustable. The mechanism for screwing in the brush heads is then located at the end of the head.

Tilswall also states that the scrubber is waterproof at the bottom of the head, but everything above that is only splash-proof. So you should still be careful when cleaning how much water really gets to the device and complete immersion is of course also omitted accordingly. A short strap is attached to the other end of the handle, which can be used to hang up the scrubber. An adhesive hook is also included for this purpose.

Neat motor

In the Tilswall cleaning brush, in contrast to the otherwise quite common plastic motors and parts, a complete metal motor is installed. This is supposed to ensure a significantly longer service life.

Sounds at least promising and better than the usual plastic gears, as also seen in the picture.

Cleaning with the electric Tilswall cleaning brush

My bathtub is relatively hard to reach and to clean it I have to get into the tub itself. That has pretty much been taken care of with this cleaning brush. Because my reach has really increased a lot because of it. I also have the feeling that you can exert quite a bit of pressure with the cleaning brush. I attribute this to the good workmanship and the higher quality materials. Unfortunately, the infinitely adjustable joint then but only in engaged straight or completely bent.

The entrance to the tub (why not just a shower) is difficult, because I have a washing machine in front of it, whose drain runs into the tub. Accordingly, however, after each washing action my tub looks as if I hadn’t cleaned it for months. In addition, the bathroom is quite in need of renovation and I have of course extra not cleaned before 😄. But well, before-after photos must be probably.

The tub before

The tub after

I sprayed on the cleaning agent of my choice, let it soak in and then worked with the brush. For this I chose one of the large brush heads in round, hoping to be able to clean large areas, but also the corners, well and quickly. For some places, however, I would probably have needed scouring milk or simply stronger cleaning agent. Nevertheless, a clear difference is noticeable.

Tilswall electric cleaning brush washbasin clean

You get a bit of a feeling of using a kind of polishing machine; all the lime, which you can’t see at all well in the photos, is effectively scrubbed away. My tiles look at least 30 years fresher.

But what I found most ingenious was actually the cleaning of the drains. Shortly put the round head on it, bissel waited and the drain was not only clean but immediately freed from hair. These are easily turned out by the brush and can then be briefly pulled out of the brush hair. This rotation in one direction, also leads to the fact that you are pulled by the brush a little and must press against it in places.

According to the manufacturer, the cleaning brush can also be used to clean the oven. At first I was not convinced by the idea, because I wanted to try the device mainly for the bathroom. But since 4 brushes are included, I put on the small, flat brush and ventured to the oven. This has already gone through many hands and has enjoyed some food, but little cleaning.

And as skeptical as I was, I think the photos speak for themselves. And it was actually not as cumbersome in handling as I thought before. The space in front of the oven is limited, but from the side in the kneeling I could reach everything very easily with the cleaning brush. Clearly easier than being half stuck in the oven myself with a rag in hand.

I fully charged the cleaning brush once at the beginning and cleaned everything with it, really thoroughly, I guess with putting it down in between, the brush ran for about 30 minutes and still shows two of three charging points on the front.

Is the Tilswall electric cleaning brush worth it?

In my opinion, the electric cleaning brush is a luxury gadget and I don’t necessarily just mean the price. It just feels unnecessary to own this device and use it to clean things that I previously managed to do by hand. But then couldn’t I wash my dishes by hand like I did years ago and not need my beloved mini dishwasher? Absolutely not, because I really don’t want to do the dishes. So if you’re not a big cleaning fan, you might find this a helpful gadget.

And it really is easier and faster, no doubt about that. Does it replace hand scrubbing for stubborn stains? No. Is it suitable for mainly large areas and cleaning actions? Definitely. And I could think mainly for people who simply need this help for certain reasons. Despite this, it should be noted that the device, despite its only 1.1 kilograms, is at some point heavier in the hand than other tools for cleaning.

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