Tineco Floor One S3 wet-dry battery vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Ecovacs subsidiary Tineco manufactures expensive, but also extremely high-quality products. After the Pure One S12 Plus, we would like to present you another very interesting model. And no, not because of the Red Dot Design Award, but because of strong and innovative technology. The Tineco Floor One S3 can vacuum, wipe – and then clean itself. But that is by no means all.

Tineco Floor One S3 at Amazon for $399

Tineco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecovacs, which has made a name for itself with vacuum robots.

Technical data of the Tineco Floor One S3

Normally, at this point we compare the described model in a table with a comparable vacuum cleaner, but we have not yet had such a battery vacuum cleaner in this form in our program. Any comparison would be misleading.

Tineco Floor One S3

Suction powern.a.
AppTineco (Android, iOS)
DisplayUniversal LED display
Wipe functionyes
Operating Volumeup to 78 dB (loud)
Battery4.000 mAh (removable and exchangeable)
Working time35 min.
Loading time4,5 h
Dust chamber/water tank0.5 l/0.6 l
Weight4,5 kg
CE markingyes
Functions/ FeaturesiLoop smart sensor for detecting dirt
Simultaneous vacuuming and wiping
multi-stage self-cleaning in the charging station
App Control
Language Assistant
Visually quite appealing.

Dirt detection, display and app

Thanks to the iLoop Smart Sensor patented by Tineco, which is also included in the software package in a similar form in the Pure One S12 Plus, the Floor One S3 detects dirt particles (wet and dry) in front of it. It then automatically adjusts the suction power and the water flow.

The vacuum cleaner can decide for itself when and how much suction and wiping is required.

The applied suction power can be tracked on a universal LED display. The same applies to the filling level of the dust wiping chamber, WLAN connection, battery status and much more.

Opinions about displays on vacuum cleaners vary widely. Among the display indications of the Floor One S3, the entanglement indication of the brush roll is particularly noteworthy. Animal hairs like to get caught in the brushes of the battery vacuum cleaner, and the display shows when the depilatory aid included in the scope of delivery must be pulled out to remove the rolled-up hairs from the brush.

Dog and human hairs are also cut up by the vacuum cleaner itself and picked up separately.

When the vacuum cleaner talks to you

Funny and possibly also practical: The vacuum mop (what kind of word) reports by voice if it has a blockage on the roller or if you want to hear the current suction level. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner has to be connected to the app Tineco (Android, iOS) and the WLAN.

Tineco Floor One S3 App
App control AND language on battery vacuum cleaners? What there is not everything.

Well, everything that Tineco had lying around in the software development center was packed into the vacuum cleaner. It remains to be seen whether language and apps are so necessary for a battery vacuum cleaner. You can only get information from the app that you can follow on the display. Speak:

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Troubleshooting
  • Level of dust and water

From my point of view, we could have saved on the app and the language assistant so that we could save a little on the purchase. How do you see that?

Smart: vacuuming, wiping, self-cleaning

After a charging time of 4.5 h, the wiper vacuum cleaner is ready for use for a working time of 35 min. The iLoop technology is supposed to ensure that we only use as much battery power as necessary, but a little over half an hour of usage time is very short. It’s sufficient for under 100 m², but it should be a bit tight above that.

The Tineco Floor One S3’s only flaw seems to be its working time.

Is the working time the only real shortcoming of the One S3? In spite of the “intelligent noise optimization system” advertised in this way, the operating volume is stated at 75 dB, and that is where people like to cheat at this value. For comparison: We humans talk at an average volume of 60 dB (with a breathing mask probably less at the moment). Ergo, 75 dB is not exactly quiet, even if it is the upper vacuum cleaner average.

The dog on the bottom right should take off at 75 dB.

Let us turn back to positive things: The two tanks ensure that clean water (with detergent) is separated from dirty water. Ergo one tank absorbs dirt, the other one lets fresh water out.

Once you’ve scurried through your four walls by vacuuming and wiping (with the enclosed cleaning solution, of course), put the One S3 into the charging station provided. But this does not only serve to turn off the device and charge the 4000 mAh battery (exchangeable), but also gives the vacuum cleaner the possibility to clean itself at the push of a button.

The charging station of the Tineco Floor One S3.

“Self-cleaning” in the case of the Floor One S3 means that it flushes the brush roller at the floor nozzle. It does the same with the pipes, for example where the water flows through. This means that you rarely have to do anything yourself, which is something that dust allergy sufferers in particular will appreciate.


“No more tiring carrying buckets, cables, mops and heavy vacuum cleaners while cleaning”. This is what it says on the Tineco product page for the Floor One S3. In fact, this applies very well to the Tineco Floor One S3, vacuuming and wiping is often quite an ordeal with traditional approaches and equipment.

Apart from the app and the voice assistant (yes, the display is also debatable), Tineco has another strong functional product in its range. Only the working time really leaves something to be desired, the price corresponds to the lavish range of functions. Of course, you can save almost $400 by continuing to swing the mop yourself. Of course, devices like this one are a luxury, but for some people they are worth the permanent (replaceable battery, so long life time) work relief.

What do you think of the Tineco brand and this product?

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