Toilet brush “Cherry” in two colors for $7.98/£4.30/6,06€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

If you don’t want to miss out on fresh fruit in the toilet, this gadget is just what you need. As a small optical highlight, the toilet brush in cherry design is available in red or green.

Toilet brush cherry green

The toilet brush in cherry design

On the function of a toilet brush I think I do not need to go further, the special thing here is the design. Thereby there is the model depending on the dealer in green, or red – depending on taste. The material is ABS plastic, so not particularly noble, but just cheap. With a height of just under 40 cm, the brush doesn’t take up much space, but it will definitely attract attention.

The model is quite popular on Amazon and there are already some reviews. These are quite mixed, because visually makes the brush probably what her, but the quality is probably rather mediocre. The toilet brush is probably very tightly attached to the bowl and is therefore difficult to get out, and the handle is not particularly stable. Here, however, you just have to keep the price in mind, you can hardly expect more.

Toilet brush cherry green


As a permanent solution, the cherry is probably not perfect, but as a fun gift idea definitely worth considering. In addition, for the one or other student WG also the simple processing is quite sufficient. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on our blog. For example, there are the “Spin The Shot” drinking game unrecognized, or wine glass older for the bad. Otherwise, take a look at the other party gadgets, there is something for everyone.

To the gadget
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