Toilet paper to go? Tablet / Toilet Paper for $6.14

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

In the confusion of modern everyday life, despite all technological progress, it remains one of the greatest fears known to mankind: to suddenly sit there without toilet paper after having done business. In the girlfriend’s apartment! Getting to know her parents! Good for the one who has the toilet paper tablets in his wallet.

Toilet paper travel tablets

I admit, the words “toilet paper tablets” raise questions without further explanation. For example the question “Uh, what?”. We, too, have either patted ourselves warmly on the thighs or rubbed our heads questioningly. Then we took a closer look and recognized the advantages of paper in the handy candy format. But attention: The “tablets” are not suitable for consumption. 😉

Toilet Paper Travel Tablets Wet

At first glance, the cloths may look like small tablets, but they are actually individual, highly compressed cloth cloths that unfold when they come into contact with water. Then they look a bit like moist (refreshing) wipes. Depending on, uh, “need” you use one or more at the same time, depending on whether you just want to blow your nose or nature calls you. If someone still can’t imagine how it works: He tested the cloths here:

We also shook our heads in disbelief at first, and the tablets are not an option for the home. When you look at the individually wrapped leaves on some offers, the alarm bells ring for anyone who has a heart for environmental protection. Even if you don’t care, the price per leaf is about 8 cents, and that alone won’t make you put a box of these tablets in your bathroom.

But it’s different when you travel, and with a one-time investment you can turn a blind eye. Whether at airports, on the hostel’s toilet or on a camping trip in the mountains: Where you find yourself without the saving toilet paper, the small tablets would be a real help, and a handful of them fit loosely into your pocket.

But now we are looking forward to your opinion! 😀 Good idea or not so much?

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