Pimp My Throne: Fluffy toilet seat cover from $3.28

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The toilet seat warmer seems whimsical at first. But if you’re not afraid of the ultimate contrast to public toilets, you’ll get colorful design options as well as additional seating comfort here.

Toilet seat

Toilet seat warmer for the more comfortable seat

The roommate has left the window open overnight? The morning toilet is then suddenly particularly short, although the smartphone was not forgotten. With this gadget, you can make yourself comfortable despite the faux pas without having to walk around with cold burn all day.

The functionality is quickly explained: the non-slip “hood” can be put over almost any toilet seat thanks to an elastic band. Because of the plush acrylic fiber, the seat then doesn’t cool down as much and is also a little padded.

toilet seat cover

Available at AliExpress, the toilet seat warmer comes in six different colors (beware: mainly pastel-inspired, the pink is still the most gaudy). Perfect, then, to bring the toilet in line with the shower curtain. And for all the hygienic neurotics: pull off, throw in the washing machine, done.

toilet seat cover pink

So – if you want to “wise up” to the fact that there are 51 and not 49 tiles in the bathroom because you counted, or you just like warm toilet seats, don’t let prejudice stop you.
In our case, the vote on usage is clear (I won’t tell you in which direction). What do you say?

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