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Here you can find inexpensive tools and practical gadgets for almost any craft as well as everything to do with cars, bicycles and camping.
NexTool alcohol tester in car

A party certainly includes one or the other glass of humid beverages. However, it is important that you know your limit and stick to it. If in doubt, there are alcohol testers that you can use to test your condition, but I still advise you not to ride a bike or drive a car under the influence of alcohol!

NOVOO Power Station

With the 20,000 mAh powerbank, NOVOO has shown us that a lot of capacity can also be cheap. But if even that much capacity is not enough, you might like the NOVOO Power Station. Thanks to 80,000 mAh capacity, a power outlet and enough ports, you could even set up a portable (home) office with it.

Your top source for tools and crafting gadgets from China

Is it possible to order inexpensive tools from China? If you have ever asked yourself this question, we have the answer for you: Yes, you can. There are a lot of Chinese brands that produce quality but cheap tools. We tell you which of them are so good that the import is worthwhile, and which are no good. We order and test the products ourselves and inform you about their advantages and disadvantages in detailed reviews.

What exactly do we mean by tools? For us, it's the classic screwdriver, pliers and cordless screwdriver, but also unusual tools with a modern design or that certain something extra. We have already tested a number of multitools, practical mini tools with various uses. We also test flashlights, such as the popular models from Nitecore, which are becoming increasingly popular.

But this theme world is about more than classic tools. You'll find all handicraft gadgets or those related to cars and bicycles here. This could be the electric air pump from Xiaomi, for example, but also lighting for your bike.