Designed for us: towel holder for beach loungers for $3.48/£2.91/3,09€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

In search of the coolest summer gadgets I came across something in the depths of AliExpress, which can actually only have been designed for the Germans: a Towel holder for the beach chairs.

The German’s favorite occupation on vacation is known to be getting up at 4am, locating the best loungers at the pool or beach with the shortest paths to all important points, shade options as well as enough sun for tanning, waiters within sight and shouting distance for the endless all-inclusive drinks and what else is involved. Sodann the favorite was selected, lovingly the – presumably personalized – bath towel is shaken out and draped shapely. Of course, not only on a lounger, but directly for the entire travel group, suitable for each participant.

And this is where the towel holders come into play, because the freshly laid out reservation towels could simply be blown away or, in the worst case, simply taken away. There’s probably not much you can do about others taking them away, but you can do something about them blowing away – and it’s pretty simple, too, with these nice-looking clamps.

Here should be the appropriate summery motif for everyone. Okay, maybe the beer mug for the true Germans in the travel group is missing, but what the heck, the main thing is that the towel stays. Ideally, the clip not only secures the reservation, but also keeps the towel from simply slipping when using the lounger. Especially for frequent travelers a practical thing.

Towel holder tapes

If you prefer not to use the flashy clips, you can also fall back on these colorful rubber bands. They look a little more discreet and in an emergency they can replace your fitness bands – sports included. For the price there are also directly 10 pieces, one for everyone.

Towel holder clips

If no more couches should be free (shame on you, you have to get up earlier!) these towel holders for the sand could still be a practical solution. Here you can simply clamp the towel at the corners and then stick the holders in the sand. Who needs then shoes or bags to put on the towel, so that it does not fly away? Also suitable for meadows if you can’t afford to go to the beach.

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