Treasure chest for your drinks – inflatable and iced for $19.99

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Due to the high temperatures of the last days your drinks have to be chilled at the pool or in your garden if you don’t want to run to the fridge every time. The treasure chest can be inflated quickly and with ice, your drinks will be well cooled.

Inflatable treasure chest with contents

The treasure chest is made of plastic and can be inflated via two air valves, whether with the mouth or with an air pump is left to everyone. It is certain that no air pump is included in the scope of delivery.

The dimensions of the chest are 38 x 60 x 30 cm. The plastic of the chest is yellow and has a brown print with the pattern of a treasure chest, which finally makes it what it is. The lid of the chest cannot be closed because it is stretched upright when inflated. Thus one has the image of a treasure chest constantly open, as in every known pirate film, in which a treasure is found.

Inflatable treasure chest Dimensions
The dimensions of the treasure chest are sufficient for some cool drinks.

As one has built up and filled the treasure chest, one can also dismantle it. Simply take the ice or water out of the chest and let it dry. Then you can let the air out and repack the treasure chest.

For a children’s birthday party with the motto pirates or a pool party or simply as an eye-catcher, at a garden party, the treasure chest is a good idea. Inflate, ice in and drinks: READY!

The same principle as a cool box or a normal ice buoy. But simply funnier and uncomplicated.

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