Tronsmart WC-01: wireless charger for $17.99

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The Qi-standard for wireless power transfer is in fact not that new. However, smartphone manufacturers don’t equip every new device with this technology. Still, producers release new accessories that support wireless charging. The Tronsmart WC-01 is another interesting product using Qi wireless charging because it simultaneously cools down your smartphone to prevent overheating.

Tronsmart WC-01 wireless charger

In comparison to the wireless charger by RAVPower the biggest difference is the vertical stand of the Tronsmart WC-01. The charging pad is 4,64 inches long and 2,59 inches wide. It is important to say that the charging pad is in fact not really vertical. The angle on the device is about 110° and as a result the phone can be used while charging. The pad itself has an oval-shape and is decorated with the Tronsmart logo. Furthermore one can see small vents on both sides.

The backside also offers vents, which are significantly bigger than the ones on the front side. The charger’s pedestal has a USB Type-C port on the back which is connected with the supplied USB Type-C power cable. Furthermore the pedestal stands on four small rubber-feet that provide a good stand on your desk. The frontside of the pedestal also features a LED which indicates if your phone is charging (green) or not (red). All in all the Tronsmart WC-01 has a solid build-quality. Because it is made of plastic, it feels light and not as premium as the wireless charger by RAVPower. But still, that does not make any difference in your everyday use and is just a question of personal preference.

Tronsmart WC-01 wireless charger side

In general a wireless charger is not a versatile gadget, that offers many functions. Its main purpose is to charge your smartphone. You just plug the charger in and put your phone on the pad and it starts the charging process – given that your smartphone supports wireless charging. One important feature of the Tronsmart WC-01 is the cooling that takes place while your phone is charging. The vent on the back sucks air in and pumps it through the little vents on the front side. Because of the oval-shape and the vents’ position the cool air hits the back of your phone and prevents your battery from heating up.

Tronsmart WC-01 wireless charger vent

We used an iPhone 8 with the Tronsmart WC-01. It took about one hour to get from 20% to 80% of battery. Because the iPhone’s battery has a capacity of 1.800 mAh, that conforms to 1.000 mAh in one hour.

Tronsmart WC-01 wireless charger charging

When deciding if you want to charge your phone wirelessly or not, one should know about advantages and disadvantages. Wireless charging takes notably more time than charging via cable. Furthermore, the WC-01 just uses 10 W power. But especially for your office or home office the Tronsmart WC-01 is really helpful. Because of the vertical stand you can use it easily while charging and the cooling system prevents the battery from overheating. So in general, we can recommend this wireless charger!

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