Tunnel pillow against numb arms for $16.89

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The girlfriend, the dog, your own head. They all have no mercy on our extremities. And if you pull your arm away, they get offended. The tunnel pillow will help.

Pillows are available in all colors and shapes. Whether as shrimp, emoji or donut or like the U2 pillow with the focus on comfort. Anyone who sleeps without a pillow either has enough alcohol in his blood or a hard-wearing neck muscle. Your own pillow is just as important for the quality of your sleep as the level of your bladder. On your own you can always make yourself super comfortable. However, if you are allowed to share a bed, mass death of forearms and fingers can occur spontaneously because your partner’s head is resting on the crook of your arm.

There is also hope for the lower extremities.

The solution: the tunnel pillow. The somewhat harder memory foam creates a tunnel for the arm with its arched shape. The “big spoon” can then pass his arm relaxed under the head of the “small spoon”. So both are happy. Hopefully.

The premium version of the tunnel pillow is more appropriate to the term. The small one serves its purpose, but is more likely to form an arch, and an additional cushion is nevertheless needed. The problem is mainly addressed with mass. The L-shaped pillow creates an additional supporting surface and a tunnel that even Elon Musk would be proud of. You can even choose if your right or left arm should disappear in the tunnel when buying.

We think it’s nice! Here is a clever solution for an everyday problem and it’s cheap on top of it. By the way, it’s also suitable for singles, e.g. to watch videos on your smartphone. What do you think of the tunnel pillow?

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    # 03.08.20 um 21:36

    Bob Glickman

    What do I think of the tunnel pillow? Not Much!

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