Review AirPod clone review: the TWS i10 for $18.99

Hardly any other gadget has been requested by you as often as the TWS i10 AirPod clone. Well, after a short holiday at customs, our test copy has finally arrived and what can I say, the cheap Bluetooth In Ear is even better than the original in the comparison test.

TWS i10 Bluetooth In-Ear

Technical data

Name TWS i10
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Connectivity Bluetooth 5
Battery capacity 1000 mAh in the charging box
Weight 3.5 g per handset
Dimensions 16.6 x 41 x 6 mm per handset
IP protection class

Packaging and scope of delivery

On the box we see the same picture as on the original AirPod box – only with the addition TWS i10. On the back you can also find some test seals, like the CE-mark, whose authenticity I doubt at this point

TWS i10 Bluetooth In-Ear Scope of Delivery
Everything you need to get started right away!

Inside, beside the TWS i10 with charging box, there is a badly processed USB-C charging cable as well as a manual in English and Chinese. Not much, but everything you need to get started!

I see everything double, am I drunk?

It would be nice, but no šŸ˜€ . I only see double because the TWS i10 is one of the boldest clones we’ve ever had at China Gadgets compared to the original Apple AirPods. Both the size of the charger box and the size of the handset itself are absolutely identical. It’s similar with the weight, with 3.5g per listener they are even half a gram lighter and the box is about as heavy as the original.

TWS i10 Comparison with Apple AirPods
Which one is which? Left the fake, right the original

Although dimensions and weight are basically correct, there are a few optical differences. First, the four LEDs on the front of the TWS i10 Ladecase stand out. These indicate the current charge level of the box and are a nice addition to Apple’s box.

TWS i10 charging box with AirPods charging box

In the case of the original, the charge level can only be read out via the iPhone. On the underside there is a USB-C charging port instead of a Lightning port and also the recess for opening the box has a slightly different shape.

TWS i10 AirPod Clone Charging Port

In terms of workmanship, the earphones are in no way inferior to the AirPods, the plastic used feels like the originals and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll quickly confuse the earphones.

TWS i10 charging box with handsets

Different with the loading box. It is materially just as good as the original, but there is a bit of a hitch in the processing of the opening mechanism. The TWS i10 has a little bit of play, while the Apple product has a bombproof seat.

TWS i10 charging box loose hinge

When TWS launched the first AirPod clone, the i7, in mid-2017, we smiled a little at them. Based on a user gadget, we ordered it and then, due to the really cheap workmanship and far too big listeners, refrained from testing it. Now about another 1 1/2 years later the TWS i10 is a clone with amazing similarity and solid workmanship. Even at second and third glance nobody notices that the listeners are not original AirPods.

Sound of the TWS i10 Bluetooth Headphones

Of course it gets exciting here; can the clone really keep up with the sound? In the comparison test I was surprised how good the TWS i10 sound in the high and mid frequencies. Especially in these frequency ranges, cheap headphones usually have a hard time and sound muddy. With the TWS i10, on the other hand, it’s hard for me to tell the difference from the original.

Where there are differences, however, is the low-frequency range. Here the Apple AirPods sound a bit fuller and produce a slightly more powerful bass. But that doesn’t mean that the TWS i10 doesn’t perform well in this range, only a bit more restrained. But to be honest, if I have the opportunity to save ~$150 for a little less bass, then I’d love to.

Wearing comfort – loose but safe

Anyone who has ever had an EarPod or AirPod in their ear knows how the TWS i10 feels in their ear. There is no noticeable difference between the two headphones, both the TWS i10 and the AirPods don’t fall out of my ears so easily. Personally, I’m not a big fan of half in ear. They sit well on my ears but not very well, don’t seal properly and develop a worse sound.

TWS i10 AirPod Clone Wear comfort

However, there are some people, including Android users, who swear by Apple’s half in ear design and demonize normal in ears, like me the AirPods or Xiaomi’s half in ear headphones. So if you already had a half in ear from Apple in your ear and like it, you’ll also be happy with the TWS i10.

Operation via touchpad

Here we have another point where I think the TWS i10 is a little bit ahead of the AirPods. In the original version, a simple tap on the touch panel can trigger an individualized command, a double tap opens Siri. This means that a maximum of three different commands can be sent to the smartphone. With the TWS i10, even four different commands can be executed by extending the gestures.

Functions of the touch panel

Gesture Function
1x tap Play/Pause; answer/end calls
2x tap next title
3x tap previous title
Touch for 2 sec Start language assistant

All commands can be executed with either the left or right handset, depending on which hand is currently free. Overall, the touch panels in the handset respond as well as the original. Only at the beginning did I have problems, but once you know exactly where to press and at what speed, the operation works reliably. But the TWS i10 can’t do one thing. If you take a receiver out of your ear, playback doesn’t pause automatically.

Bluetooth pairing and range

Thanks to Bluetooth 5, pairing with the TWS i10 is a smooth experience. If you take both handsets out of the charging box, they connect automatically and are displayed as headphones in the Bluetooth devices. Once paired with the smartphone, they automatically connect to the last paired smartphone when they are removed from the transport box.

If you have an iPhone, the original AirPods naturally offer the “more comfortable” pairing. You just have to let Apple do that, they have the symbiosis of hardware and software, you have to do without it with the TWS i10.

Despite Bluetooth 5, the range is lower than with the average wireless In Ear. This is (perhaps?) due to the low performance of the built-in battery.

In the test, the connection remains stable at about 6-7 meters outdoors. In closed rooms the connection unfortunately becomes unstable after only 4-5 meters. But since you usually wear your smartphone and headphones close together, I think it’s still enough. For sports or the like, there are alternatives anyway that have a much better hold.

The TWS i10 Bluetooth headphones as a headset

The microphones of the TWS i10 are half in ear, like the AirPods at the bottom of the headphones at the charging contacts. The clone also enables stereo telephony, which is not supported by many low-cost wireless in ears.

TWS i10 Microphone
Also here, left the clone, right the original

In the comparison test, the microphone quality of the Apple AirPods is already better, the voice is clear and there is only isolated noise. But the TWS i10 are also suitable for telephoning. During the test calls, the other person was able to understand me overall, but there was more noise and distortion, especially outdoors. For short calls in between it’s okay, though.

Battery life

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about the battery capacity of the listeners. The battery box should have a capacity of 1000 mAh. I would enjoy this number however with caution. In my opinion the box is too small and too light for a battery of this size.

In the test the battery of the listener has lasted about 2.5-3 hours at a volume of 50%-70%. How often the headphones can be recharged in the charging box, I could not test in the short time yet. Of course, I will hand this in as soon as possible!

Charging via QI charger

That should be a thorn in Apple’s side. Not only does this clone exist at all, but it also supports QI loading. A feature that has been in the news for a long time for a possible successor of the Apple AirPod.

TWS i10 AirPod Clone QI Store

In the test, charging the box with our RavPower QI charger worked smoothly, simply place the case on the plate and the battery charges – easy.


All in all, the TWS i10 is a pretty brazen, but also a pretty good clone of the Apple AirPods. In terms of sound, you’ll have to accept a few cuts in the bass, the original has a bit more volume here. There’s nothing to complain about in the high and mid frequencies, I can hardly notice any difference to the original.

Also the material and workmanship are good, only the hinge for opening and closing the loading case has a bit more play. From a software point of view, the clone cooperates like an ordinary Bluetooth in ear, of course, and the advantages of the Apple universe are eliminated.

In my opinion, the advantages of the clone are the charging LEDs, QI charging, a common USB-C connection and the newer Bluetooth 5 standard. However, the undisputed number 1 advantage is the price, which is far below that of the AirPods.

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Comments (13)

  • 10.01.19 um 17:15

    The Ferreira

    Whats the differences between this model and i10 max???

  • 14.01.19 um 18:53


    The i10 Max are bigger

  • 12.02.19 um 14:00

    The Ferreira

    On aliexpress these earphones dont cost $31 as you mention on description. They cost like $60. plz correct it.

    • 12.02.19 um 16:44

      Timm Editorial staff

      @The Ferreira
      Thank you for pointing that out. The previous shop seems to have raised prices. I have now found another one for a comparable price and updated it accordingly šŸ™‚

    • 21.02.19 um 08:02


      Took me about 2 minutes to find them for 32$ on aliexpress. Most seem to be 38$ but they take longer to ship. Be aware thought that the i9 are sometimes included in the offer price (you can select them under "”color"” most times) , which then tends to start at around $16. I find that a bit cheaky though. However, sellers on aliexpress have always been doing that.

  • 13.02.19 um 13:26

    The Ferreira

    is the new i10s version better???

    • 13.02.19 um 15:02

      Timm Editorial staff

      @The Ferreira
      it is not better regarding the sound, but with the i10S both headpieces can work independently, whereas with the i10 only the left one can, and the headpieces have integrated a small light.

  • 13.02.19 um 15:16

    The Ferreira

    cool, but is the small light on earpiece always on?? would be annoying if its always on specially nighttime šŸ¤”

  • 12.04.19 um 23:56

    Saleem Bawa

    I can not independently connect the right earbud without the left. Once i replace the left into the box, the right goes off.

    • 16.04.19 um 10:20

      Timm Editorial staff

      @Saleem Bawa
      The left one is connected to the smartphone (master), the right one is only connected to the left one (slave). The i12, where both handsets can act as masters, can be connected individually.

  • 25.04.19 um 11:59

    Marcelino Allan

    Hey, I just bought this and I realized that the audio channels are reversed. I tried testing it with YouTube stereo test videos, and the left audio is coming out of the right earbud, and vice versa. Any ideas?

    • 25.04.19 um 15:09

      Timm Editorial staff

      @Marcelino Allan
      Seems to be the same problem we also have and there is no solution for that. The newer models do not have the problem though.

  • 09.06.19 um 19:00


    If i bought an airpod box off ebay and passed these off as airpods… Would these be quick to identify that they arent originals from a virgin eye?

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