U2 Pillow: Ergonomic, large, affordable in the Super Early Bird offer

If there’s one thing I’m good at, I guess it’s sleeping. And if somebody asks me if I’d like to write about pillows, with the possibility to test one of them, then I’m even more ready to start. And that’s why today I’m going to introduce you to U2’s Kickstarter campaign, in which they present their U2 Stop Tossing & Turning pillow, on which I’ve already slept.

The right pillow for everyone?

Pillows are always a thing, everyone has their preferences. Some love huge feather pillows, others may not even prefer a pillow at all. The U2 pillow will therefore not appeal to everyone. However, those who can sleep best on ergonomic pillows will find a solid sleeping partner here.

Of course, other factors also play a role in the perfect pillow, such as the hardness of the mattress. The harder it is, the higher the cushion should be to ensure a straight spine. The U2 pillow offers a rather simple but effective design for this purpose: 3 different layers of foam, which can be combined according to the desired height and thus 4 pillow combinations with 8 different heights can be tested (due to the different heights of the sides).

It also has the quite well-known ergonomic design, with a notch in which the head can lie and two sides of different height to support the neck. The so-called U-shape is most obvious in the cross-section.

Everyone probably knows that picture. And personally I always prefer to sleep on ergonomic pillows. That’s why I took a chance on an offer and bought an ergonomic neck pillow from Wellpur. This serves as a comparison to the U2 cushion. I have both pillows in my bed and let my body decide for itself at night which one it prefers to sleep on. And I can tell you already: the U2 pillow was always the favourite for my sleepy subconscious.

Wellpur vs. U2 pillow.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The U2 Stop Tossing & Turning pillow arrives in a stylish packaging at your home. Next to the pillow itself, you get a carrying bag. This may sound rather uninteresting for most people, but for someone who travels more often and cannot/does not want to do without his favourite pillow, this bag offers a nice advantage. This would be especially interesting for me, should I go camping somewhere again. If you’ve slept on a neck pillow for two weeks once in your life because you had no idea how best to take your pillow with you in your tight luggage, you’ll appreciate it.

A big box for a big pillow.

The pillow is absolutely top packed, there would have been absolutely nothing to go wrong on his journey. Vacuum rolled up into several layers of plastic, in one carton, which again was packed extra in another carton. In terms of shipping, U2 has done a great job here. After unpacking, the pillow should be ventilated and expanded for 24 hours. At first it smelled a little bit like plastic and foam, but that disappeared really quickly.

Guarantee included.

U2 also offers you a 7 – 70 day satisfaction guarantee. So you can test the pillow and if you notice that the shape, size or material is not for you after all, just get in touch with U2 and they will help you with any problems. In addition to this, there is a 5 year warranty on the cushion.

The U2 Stop Tossing & Turning Pillow

The U2 Pillow surprised me when I unpacked it. As you can see on the picture above, it is much bigger than my current Wellpur pillow. With 61 x 40 cm, as opposed to 47 x 30 cm (other pillow), it has a much larger lying surface. As described at the beginning, the height of the U2 Pillow can be adjusted individually. The 10/12/14 cm is the maximum height right at the beginning.

I really don’t have the biggest hands, but you can see how big the Pillow is.

On the outside there is this beautiful cover in a chessboard pattern, the design element of U2. This can be easily removed and washed, underneath there is even another cover (removable) which contains the three layers of foam.

In the photos the Pillow is not yet fully unfolded. I still couldn’t resist taking a close look at everything and opening it. Of course I had to put my hand in to get a feeling for the Pillow and its firmness:

Youtube Video Preview

All in all, the Pillow makes a great impression, it is nice and big, has different layers, a great ergonomic design and air holes for better circulation. In addition, removable and washable covers are always a big plus with Pillows.

In addition, the Pillow is hypoallergenic, contains no harmful substances and is sweat-dispersing.

The U2 Pillow Carrying Bag

As already mentioned, there is also a carrying bag for the Pillow. This is basically a long and narrow piece of fabric in which the Pillow can be rolled up.

On the outside and towards the end there is a wide velcro fastener, and there is also a carrying handle. Rolling up the bag is extremely easy, because on the roll-up side of the bag a slightly wider and firm piece of plastic is sewn in, with which you can easily and quickly manage the usually heavy initial roll-up.

Now this is not microscopically small and there are certainly a thousand better travel pillows that have a much smaller pack size, but for what it is, a huge ergonomic Pillow, the carrying function is extremely good and space-saving. The approximately 1.7 kilo total weight as a roll is also bearable.

Youtube Video Preview

How did I sleep on the U2 Pillow?

I am generally a side sleeper, but I also move a lot at night and prefer to use the entire width of my bed. But this also means that I have to pull my normal Pillow back and forth during the night and more often I have had to squeeze something together to get the perfect support result. And yet, I like to wake up with a neck ache. In the summer I can still use an ergonomic Pillow with gel inlay, so that I don’t get so hot. But after a few nights on the U2 Pillow I can say that I slept much calmer and more relaxed.

Quite outrageous when a colleague at work disturbs you while you are testing.

Of course all this is very difficult to measure and a purely subjective feeling, but that is my impression. Due to the size of the Pillow I didn’t have to pull it back and forth, I rolled around less or took a long time to find a comfortable head position. From the height, the maximum height was perfect for me, I also have a rather hard mattress.

My head looks tiny on that big Pillow.

And because of the holes in the foam, the Pillow is very breathable, no more night sweats at maximum temperatures. The gel pad is also suitable for this purpose, but it does not offer any air exchange and is sometimes almost too cold in the neck.

Is it worth buying the U2 Pillow?

In my eyes yes, and I think that is also clear from the experiences in my article. It may sound funny now, but the older I get, the more I realize what a good Pillow makes a difference and I am willing to spend more on it, the Wellpur Pillow is not bad, but not perfect either. But, and this is the best point of all, if you buy the Pillow in the Kickstarter campaign with the Super Early Bird prize, it will cost you only $49 and I think that’s a price you can spend with a clear conscience on this pillow.

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