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Since USB-C is now finally installed in almost every gadget, you also need corresponding chargers. The UGREEN 100W USB-C charger offers three USB-C ports directly, but for nostalgic reasons, a USB-A port should not be missing either.

UGREEN 100W USB-C Charger Ports

The power is in the foreground

Despite “Green” in the name, the manufacturer keeps it plain and black. Except for the inside of the USB-A ports, not a blob of color can be found on the charger. After all, nothing should distract from the performance, which comes in a relatively compact size of 6.9 x 6.9 x 3.3 cm for four ports. Thus, it also fits in the notebook bag or in the backpack anyway. The performance in the more compact design is possible since the switch to GaN technology, which is more efficient than silicon.

UGREEN 100W USB-C Charger Design

The UGREEN 100 USB-C charger offers four ports: one USB-A and three USB-C ports. These support Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4, PPS for Samsung phones, AFC and SCP. Thanks to Power Delivery in particular, it is compatible with most devices and especially iPhones and MacBooks. For notebooks, the maximum charging power is 100W thanks to 20V/5A. That only applies to the top two ports, the third USB-C output only supports a maximum of 22.5W with up to 12V. The USB-A port also stops at 22.5W, where up to 5V/4.5A is possible.

For example, using the top two USB-C ports, you can charge a notebook like the Huawei Matebook D14 with 65W and a OnePlus NORD CE with 30W at maximum power at the same time. If you use all ports at the same time, you have to settle for a maximum of 45W on the top port, 30W on the second, and 10.5W on the other two ports. The UGREEN charger is protected against short-circuit, overvoltage, overheating and overcurrent and is made of fireproof polycarbonate.


Anyone who not only uses a cell phone that requires USB-C, but also a notebook, tablet and maybe even headphones, will probably want to switch to USB-C for good. An investment in a charger like the UGREEN 100W USB-C charger can make sense, even if USB-C to USB-C cables are also needed. We have not tested this UGREEN charger, but we have always been satisfied with the manufacturer’s quality. Does that look different for you?

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