Next Level chill: the ultimate bed!

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

As we all know, in the depths of the China stores you can buy anything, no matter what, no matter how crazy. Much of it may simply be junk, senseless waste of space or simply not good to use. But today I present you the one gadget which is unbeatable in usability and possibilities of use: the ultimate bed/sofa.

Ultimate bed

I never leave my bed again

Let’s face it, nobody would ever leave this awesome bed again unless there is a good reason for it. Because this bed offers you almost everything you need to survive. Isn’t that just brilliant during Corona?

The inspiration for this article.

The model in the tweet seems to be slightly different, but I think I found a somewhat similar version on AliExpress. And that was not so easy, because the selection of this kind of beds is almost frighteningly large. I mean seriously, who has the space for that?

Ultimate Bed Dimensions

So we would need at least a surface of 242 x 260 cm (7.94 x 8.53 ft) to be able to set up the ultimate bed. On the other hand, you could probably throw sofa, chairs, shelves and cupboards on the bulky waste, because this bed offers everything you need.

What does the ultimate bed offer?

The more important question is: what does it not offer? Obviously a toilet, so unfortunately you still have to get out of bed. But apart from that we have a 1.80m wide bed with a two-part and movable headboard. To the right of it there is a lamp and an integrated sound system (how good can that be?).

Ultimate bed headboard

Directly under it is a laptop table, which can still be pulled out, with storage possibilities underneath. Directly under it there is a vibration couch. This armchair with vibration function has the same upholstery as the headboard and the bench at the foot of the bed.

Ultimate bed couch

As you can still see from the side, there are storage possibilities under the vibration couch and the bench and under the laptop table two small stools that can be moved out on wheels. On the other side there is a simple shelf, open to the bed side.

Ultimate bed side view
Here is another view of the page.

In any case a lot of storage space and sitting or lying possibilities, maybe you really don’t need any other furniture 😀 . In one of the two drawers under the couch a safe seems to be integrated. For the really important things in the life.

What speaks against the ultimate bed?

Let’s be honest, actually nothing.

Well, it is not a cheap gadget, price category is already *lightly* upscale. But the ultimate bed also offers the ultimate chill experience. And the vibration couch simply convinced me. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny cardboard box and couldn’t even begin to put any of these things up in my house, but if I could, I might seriously consider buying the only true ultimate bed!

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