? Magic unicorn cup with colour change for $8.68

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One of many ways to start the day in the morning with a “rainbow in your stomach” is to use the magic unicorn cup with colour change.

Unicorn cup

The ceramic cup holds 300 ml of coffee, tea or other hot drinks. The highlight: the unicorn’s mane changes colour from purple to rainbow by adding hot liquid. Whoever gets the wrong idea now: Of course, you can also change your friend’s hair color by pouring coffee on it. If you think this is absolutely necessary, you should make sure that the corresponding drink does not have to be hot in this case. Or should be.

Unicorn cup colour change
Before, during, full: The color change of the unicorn cup.

When that the time has come again, you can certainly enjoy one or two of the mulled wines brought to the Christmas market in much more style with this cup. Santa Claus will also be happy to put the cup under the Christmas tree. After all, its existence is as often questioned as that of the unicorn and mutual support is extremely important here. Unicorns can now also be used to ride through the waves, charge your smartphone or warm your feet.

Since most of you will know how to use a cup, we may need an explanation video for the color change of the cup:


Currently there is a unicorn in almost every product advertisement. What do you think, is the hype around the horned hoofed animals overdone? We personally think the cup is very nicely designed, the price could still be a little lower. What do you think of the cup?

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