Heatable USB gloves for $1.90

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Are your fingers cold while working on your PC again? You have to stop constantly in between and warm up the fingers in your pocket or on the coffee cup. Wrong thought! There are heatable USB gloves.

USB gloves pink


No more cold fingers

“USB gloves”, sounds strange, but they are also a little bit – but at the PC/notebook they might be really helpful. If your fingers shiver again and the work on the PC becomes “unbearable”, simply connect the gloves to the USB slot and after 3 minutes the gloves will warm up to 50°C. The arm movement should not be too limited with 1.5 meters of cable. It will probably be enough for typing and drinking coffee.

USB Glove cables
After connecting to the computer, the USB gloves warm up to 30°.

According to the seller, the gloves have a service life of 3000 hours at a normal USB operating voltage of 5V. A worthy representative for the category “totally crazy” and especially for long work on the computer a profitable gadget.

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