Batman, Spacerobot or the astronaut? USB lights from $2.24

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Spacerobot inevitably reminds me of EVE from WALL-E. You know, the one who looked for plants on Earth and fell in love with WALL-E. And to fall in love with are also these other USB lights. 😀

USB lights astronaut

Brightness in several steps

The small glowing robot is mounted on a 30 cm long, flexible metal spiral and is simply plugged into any USB input. And you have light for long nights on your laptop or something. The light is available with either yellow or white light, in both cases the brightness can be adjusted in three steps via the touch sensor on the front.

USB Lights EVE

The workmanship of the model we ordered is satisfactory. The flexible “arm” of the lamp is stable and strong enough to hold the small robot in any position, it does not bend by itself and remains in the desired shape. The arms can be turned through 360° and can at least let the figure take a few different poses.

USB lights batman
USB lights astronaut test
For the photo we connected it to a power bank instead of a laptop.

Although the light is absolutely bright enough on the third level at the latest to be able to read even in otherwise absolute darkness, for me personally the yellow light is already too colour-intensive and in the long run not very pleasant for the eyes. Here the white variant might have been better. Apart from that the lamp pleases however completely and recommends itself as USB light for the laptop for all WALL-E or Batman fans and those, who want to become one. 🙂

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