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X-sense Smoke Detector Fire Alarm for $16.20

You can now get the X-Sense smoke detector with a 10-year runtime and photoelectric sensor for $16.20 with the code: XSSDFA and free shipping worldwide.
It constantly monitors itself and let’s you know via an alarm sound and/or a red indicator light, if anything should be wrong or the battery running out.
It’s also certified by the TÜV and has a CE mark, so it should fulfill all the necessary requirements. With the dimension of 4.8 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches it is not too big and with it’s simple white color you shouldn’t really be bothered by it hanging somewhere in the corner.
The complete package contains: 1 x Alarm Unit + 1 x Mounting Bracket + 2 x Screws + 2 x Anchor Plugs + 1 x User Manual.

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