Utorch bicycle lamp with five lighting modes for $4.49

A lot of people know it. You buy a new mountain bike, but the problem is that it has no light and is therefore not approved for the road. With the new Utorch bicycle lamp the problem is quickly solved.

Utorch bicycle lamp

The bicycle lamp from Utorch is very small with the dimensions 5.95 cm x 2.85 mm. The bicycle lamp weighs 22.5 g and is made of plastic. The bicycle lamp panel is a bulb LED. The battery is a rechargeable polymer lithium battery and has a brightness of ten lumens. The battery life is five hours at 100% power. The shop promises that the bicycle lamp is also waterproof, which we cannot confirm until we have tested it.

The Utorch has five lighting modes (warning lights) to choose from. The warning lights are three different flashing modes that have a battery life of 32 hours.

Scope of delivery and installation

The scope of delivery includes a package with the bicycle lamp, a Velcro fastener for fastening and a USB cable for charging the bicycle lamp. The light – connected to the Velcro – is attached to the seat post of the bicycle, fastened and tightened. The orange button on the left side switches the light on. Here you can also switch through the different modes. The orange slot on the underside of the lamp is the connection for the charging cable when the bicycle lamp needs to be charged. The assembly is finished!

Scope of delivery of the Utorch Lamp, Velcro fastener and USB cable
The scope of delivery of the Utorch bicycle lamp
Attach the Velcro to the lamp, connect to the seat post and tighten.
The Utorch bicycle lamp is mounted in four steps
Fast charging guaranteed!
Charging the Utorch bicycle lamp is simple and fast.

All in all, the Utorch bicycle lamp is a lamp that you can’t leave out for the price. Also the design is very appealing, because it is something different than the normal bicycle light you would buy otherwise.

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