UWANT B100-E Spot Cleaner for sofas & co. for 177€

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Stains and dirt on upholstered furniture are annoying and not easy to remove. That’s why there are certain spot cleaners, such as the UWANT B100-E. Does the model do what it promises?

Scope of delivery

In the carton of the UWANT B100-E Spot Cleaner is almost everything you need to start. Only a cleaning agent has to be bought, should you need it. In addition to the Spot Cleaner and the cleaning attachment, a holder for the handpiece and a measuring cup are also included. To store the things, there is also a bag in the package.

Use of the UWANT B100-E Spot Cleaner

Before cleaning

To start a cleaning process, you first connect the cleaning hose and attachment to the Spot Cleaner. Then it must be filled with water. To do this, remove the water tank from its fixture and remove the plug on the side of the tank. Since you fill the tank horizontally this way, you don’t necessarily need a deep sink to get the tank underneath. Now you can optionally fill in your cleaner. Then reinsert the water tank and you’re ready to go.

To ensure that the UWANT is also supplied with power, you require a power outlet nearby, because it is operated with a cable, there is no battery. The cable length is 5 m.

Cleaning procedure

Actually, the cleaning is very easy. After turning it on, you go to the piece of furniture, put the brush attachment on it and press the water button. Then you pull the brush over the moistened area and suck off the liquid.

Depending on the pollution, you can of course treat the spot several times. But then you have to wait a while for the treated area to dry. If you need more suction power, you can increase it via the “Clean Mode” button. If you have a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa, you can also pull the Spot Cleaner behind you using its roller.

After cleaning

The first thing to do after cleaning is to clean the attachment with the self-cleaning function. To do this, press the brush attachment on the floor to close the suction holes. Then you hold the self-cleaning button, which flushes water into the attachment. According to the instructions, you should do this for 30 seconds after each cleaning. After that, it already looks very clean, but you can still rinse it manually if it is more dirty.


You also have to empty the waste water tank afterwards. Similar to the water tank, it has a stopper on the side. If you cannot get the entire amount of water out with this, you can also unscrew the cover on the underside. This way you can rinse and dry the waste water tank well. If you do not plan to use the Spot Cleaner again in the near future, you should also empty the remaining water from the fresh water tank.

Cleaning result

Due to the lack of available cleaner, I carried out our first cleaning attempts with the Spot Cleaner using only water. This removed stains and dirt easily. So you don’t necessarily need cleaner to remove stains, at least externally, but it is still advisable.

If you use a suitable cleaning agent, the result looks much better. The seat of the office chair looks like new now, except for the lint, but that is rather the task of another gadget.


The UWANT B100-E Spot Cleaner is a handy cleaning device, which can be used for various purposes. It is easy to use and the cleaning process is simple. It is certainly not a device that you use every day, but it is practical when you need it. Compared to the devices that can be borrowed from local drugstores, it is also smaller, although certainly weaker in terms of performance, but for normal household tasks, this can certainly be tolerated. If you want to clean regularly, you also save money in the long run by avoiding the rental fees. Similar models can also be found on Amazon at partly cheaper prices, but we cannot say at the moment whether these also achieve comparable results. Who wants to clean his upholstered furniture or other textiles and Co. that can not be in the washing machine, has here a good solution.

How does it look with you? When was the last time your sofa was cleaned?


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