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Gone are the days where you had to clean your place all by hand. We show you the latest robot vacuum trends from China and tell you exactly which one best fits your personal needs.
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Xiaomi Mijia 1C Battery Vacuum Cleaner Handling

Once upon a time there was a Chinese company called Xiaomi, which brought very powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners with a chic design and top workmanship onto the market through several subsidiaries and third-party suppliers. Then they decided to handle it like with smartphones: Many model versions, short product cycles and confusing model names. And so they developed the Xiaomi Mijia 1C.

Roborock S6 vacuum robot

Several million models of the first two generations of Xiaomi vacuum robots were sold in China alone. The Chinese tech giant has also long since arrived at ECOVACS and ILIFE in the household robot sector – and is now continuing to press ahead. The predecessor model, the S50, has been the unyielding leader in our ranking since 2017. Is that over with the new Roborock S6? Who occupies the vacuum robot throne? We have tested the new flagship model extensively.

Your Source for the Best Chinese Robot Vacuums

You don't feel like vacuuming your place after a long day at work? But you're expecting company later on? We get that - and we've even got the perfect solution for your problem: Robot Vacuums!

Most robot vacuums can be timed to hoover - and some even to mop - your home while you're on the move. Whether you're just lazy, lack the time or are just interested in home automation or domotics - robot vacs are gaining more and more popularity and are already present in many households.

But which model comes with certain features? Which vacuum robot can be used on wood floors? And which vac is best for pet hair? And: Can robot vacuums from China even compare to our western brands? We've got you covered, don't worry - We'll try to answer all of your questions concerning vac and sweeping robots from China. So, in the end, you'll be equipped with enough facts to answer the most important question all on your own: Which vacuum robot should I buy? 

Read reviews on how they work, which features are available and which vacs are suitable for certain floors or carpets. Read which models can go over thresholds, which ones you can program to only clean certain areas and what you should consider and keep in mind when getting one.