Vintage sports car from 1140 parts for under $50

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Many building block sets from the Far East have already shown us that they can keep up with those of larger manufacturers from Europe. A strong selling point for the China kits is the comparatively low purchase price and the red Vintage sports car is no exception.

Vintage sports car design

Packaging and details

The model car comes without an original packaging, very eco-friendly from the Chinese😉 and by the way it lowers the shipping cost. Some also suspect that one thereby avoids the critical eye at customs.

The car consists of a total of 1140 parts and depending on how relaxed you approach the thing, you have a few hours of fun building first. If you have read the instructions correctly, you should have a 37 x 17 x 14 cm car in front of you.

Vintage sports car details

The exterior looks like a fusion of classic and modern and the interior is full of little things like adjustable seats or stickers for the dashboard. Unfortunately, the model car does not have an electric motor, nor a second version that has one. At the manufacturer CaDA, this is common for some models like the C61018W sports car.

Vintage sports car features

Which Poké… uh car is this?

Not only is the car brand a bit of a mystery, but so is the manufacturer. The product title names CaDA, but the toy car is sold through the ZLRC store.

But I think I found out from which car the inspiration for the model comes. The store description says that it is a 1925 Skoda, of which only 2985 were produced. Since I couldn’t really imagine that, I did a little research and guessed that the model was a Morgan Roadster or Plus 6. Well what can I say, the only thing from 1925 on the car is the traditional ash wood frame.

Vintage sports car comparison


I think it is a really nice model car. Collectors and car enthusiasts can easily put it on their shelf, for children a motorized car would probably be more exciting. I can’t judge the quality of the building blocks, but our last experiences with clamp building block sets from China were mostly positive. The price-performance ratio is usually right here.

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