VIOMI Smart refrigerator with display for $440 introduced in China

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

VIOMI, as the name suggests, is also part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and specializes in (large) household appliances. In addition to various vacuum robots, a side-by-side VIOMI Smart refrigerator with display has been introduced, which is available in China in pre-sale for the equivalent of $440.

VIOMI Smart refrigerator with display

Four doors, one display

Is a refrigerator a gadget? Not a normal one, at least, but Xiaomi makes it more interesting for us gadget nerds with smart features. You go for a design with four doors, with the bottom two doors being for the freezer. The refrigerator and freezer share a volume of 451 L, with the refrigerator taking up 299 L and the freezer 152 L. Of course, the two doors in the refrigerator part give you a little more storage space in the inner door – practical. The freezer is also divided into two parts and thus offers a total of six compartments.

VIOMI Smart refrigerator inside

But the special feature is of course the display on the right front of the refrigerator. There is a specially adapted interface, apparently only in Chinese, on which you can play videos and songs or read recipes. But it’s also interesting that the fridge can serve as a kind of Smart Hub, so that you can connect it with other Smart Home gadgets like the Aqara door and window sensor. You are welcome to tell us in the comments which automations make sense there. Furthermore the Mi AI language assistant is supported, which unfortunately still only works in Chinese.

VIOMI Smart Fridge OS

VIOMI would not be Xiaomi if the refrigerator could not be operated via app. Apparently, the refrigerator can be integrated into the Mi Home app, which allows you to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezer individually. A few more hard facts. The refrigerator has dimensions of 836 x 636 x 1830 mm, is equipped with LEDs on the inside and should be hardly noticeable with a volume of 38 db (approx. whisper volume).

VIOMI Smart refrigerator size
Fish for scale.


We would like to test the VIOMI Smart fridge with display, shipping might be difficult. The price of about $440 is unfortunately also only a pre-sale offer, after that the smart refrigerator costs 4,999 Yuan, which is about $737, but that is still significantly cheaper than smart refrigerators from established manufacturers. We just want to show you that the Chinese are able to offer a lot of technology for little money with Xiaomi quality. What do you think about this? Would you wish you had such products?

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    Why not? So got to learn Mandarin to be able to use smart features?

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