News Viomi V-RVCLM21B vacuum robot with 2150 pa and laser space measurement

Viomi usually produces kitchen appliances such as air purifiers for the refrigerator. Their second model comes at a very inopportune time – after all, several new top models are already being launched by Xiaomi. But the technical data gives reason to hope that Viomi also wants to compete for the vacuum robot throne.

Viomi V-RVCLM21B Vacuum Robot LDS Laser Distance Sensor

Technical data: Comparison with RoboRock S50

Viomi V-RVCLM21B Xiaomi RoboRock S50
Suction power 2150 pa 2000 pa
Navigation Laser Space Measurement Laser Space Measurement
Noise level n.a. 65 dB
Battery 3200 mAh 5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank n.a./ 0,56 l 0,48 l/0,3 l
Working time 3 h 2.5 h
Weight 3,3 kg 3,5 kg
Dimensions 35,0 x 35,0 x 9,45 cm (quite high) 35,3 x 35,0 x 9,9 cm
Inclinations 15°, 2.0 cm 20°, over 2 cm
CE mark expected on International version
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout, no-go zones and virtual wall
  • Wipe functions
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout and no-go zones
  • Alexa-/ and Google Home Controls
  • wipe function
  • carpet detection

The third Xiaomi vacuum robot in such a short time?

We in the editorial staff are a bit helpless about the current business moves of Xiaomi together with their third party providers. To bring a regular successor for the first generation with the Mi Robot 1S? Absolutely sensible. For those who want to spend more money on all the technical gadgets, the RoboRock T6? Also still comprehensible. But a third vacuum robot in three weeks, and then also the anything but hotly anticipated successor of the Viomi VXRS01? It’s rather confusing.

Viomi V-RVCLM21B Vacuum robot Mode of operation
The robot travels the apartment linearly in targeted paths (Zigzag cleaning).

Why doesn’t Xiaomi bring the robots out every three months? Then all models will sell and it would be clear. Are the manufacturers perhaps not so closely interwoven? A business model that cannot be developed directly. Nevertheless, the data known so far speaks for a genuine internal Xiaomi competitor.

Functions of the new vacuum robot

The predecessor VXRS01 also had a hard to remember product name, as does the new model. While the first generation was still chic to look at (but not much more), the second generation comes with a whole armada of features:

  • Laser room measurement via LDS (laser distance sensor)
  • Mapping with no-go zones and virtual walls (draw on map)
  • Point cleaning of certain areas
  • app control
  • wipe function

Of course, the usual vacuum robot functions such as automatic retrieval of the charging station and detection of chasms are also part of the game.

Viomi V-RVCLM21B Vacuum robot Room layout
The map can be divided into different areas and then provided with virtual walls and restricted zones.

It remains to be seen whether the robot will be able to store several floors in the app at the same time. The multi-room cleaning of the new Xiaomi vacuum robots Mi Robot 1S and RoboRock T6, that the robot’s AI automatically divides the entire area into different areas and that individual working times can be defined for each room, is not included. Instead, specially created areas can be defined and drawn on the map. These can be equipped with virtual walls that the robot does not run over and completely forbidden zones.

Viomi V-RVCLM21B vacuum robot virtual wall
“Ah, I can’t go in here.”

To support navigation, the SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), which is mandatory for vacuum robots with mapping, is included in the software package. Of course, the 2150 pa suction power is also an exciting factor, which would be the highest value for a vacuum robot to date, but caution is advised here. One should not always blindly trust the new announcements from China, the first test results will have to confirm this value. But if it is true, Viomi can pat himself on the back.


It’s a little like a tech fair right now: No matter where you look, new models are being promoted everywhere. Now also Viomi, the in some way with Xiaomi fraternized company. It’s not only hard to keep track, it’s also hard to react euphorically to new robots.

Despite the (at least so advertised) highest suction power of a vacuum robot so far, I am a bit sceptical about the functional range. So far there are no real innovations in the software to read about – what it would normally be. While Xiaomi brings the Mi Robot 1S and RoboRock T6 with the card storage of several floors, Narwal Robotics launches the world’s first self-cleaning robot and the 360 S7 from Qihoo can avoid carpets while wiping, the technical achievements of the Viomi VXRS01 are a bit poor. Yes, a large water tank. Yes, long working hours. Very high suction power? Should also be brought along by the BlitzWolf BW-VC1.

Which new model are you looking forward to the most?

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