Viomi V2 (V-RVCLM21B) vacuum robot with 2150 pa for $389.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Viomi usually produces kitchen appliances such as air purifiers for the refrigerator. Their second model comes at a very inopportune time – after all, several new top models have just come onto the market from Xiaomi. But the technical data gives reason to hope that Viomi would also like to compete for the vacuum robot throne. We tested it.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot design optics

The predecessor VXRS01 also had a hard to remember product name, as did the new model. For simplicity’s sake, we will call it V2 instead of “V-RVCLM21B”.

Technical data: Comparison with RoboRock S50

Viomi V-RVCLM21B (V2)

Viomi V2 vacuum robot product picture

Xiaomi RoboRock S50

Roborock S50 vacuum robot model

Suction power2150 pa2000 pa
NavigationLaser Space MeasurementLaser Space Measurement
Noise level69 dB65 dB
Battery3200 mAh5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank0,6 l/ 0,56 l0,48 l/0,3 l
Working time3 h2.5 h
Weight3,3 kg3,5 kg
Dimensions35,0 x 35,0 x 9,45 cm (quite high)35,3 x 35,0 x 9,9 cm
Inclinations15°, 2.0 cm20°, over 2 cm
CE markyeson International version
Features? Laser room measurement
?️ Mapping with map storage
⛔ No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
?️ Room arrangement
? Wipe function
? Voice control via Amazon Alexa
? Carpet detection (increases suction power)
? Laser room measurement
?️ Mapping with storage of multiple maps
⛔ No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
?️ Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
? Wipe function
? Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
? Carpet detection (increases suction power)

To bring with the Mi Robot 1S a regular successor for the first generation? Absolutely sensible. For those who want to spend more money on all the technical gadgets, the RoboRock S6 out? Also still comprehensible. But a third vacuum robot in just a few weeks, and then the anything but hotly anticipated successor to the Viomi VXRS01? It’s rather confusing.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot optics
The third vacuum robot from the Xiaomi sphere within a very short time.

Why doesn’t Xiaomi bring out the robots bit by bit every three months? Then all models sell and it would be clear. Are the manufacturers perhaps not so closely interwoven? A business model that cannot be understood directly. Nevertheless, the technical data speaks for a genuine internal Xiaomi competitor. But can it also prove itself in our review?

Scope of delivery of the Viomi V2

The scope of delivery includes besides the vacuum robot:

  • additional brush head (one on the underside)
  • 0,56 l large water tank
  • Attachment with microfibre cloth (one additional)
  • Charging station with charging cable
  • small cleaning tool (under flap of the robot)
  • User manual and Quick Start Guide in English
Viomi V2 vacuum robot Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery is minimalistic.

Unpacking the package is a lot of fun as the scope of delivery is very minimalistic and simple. As you know it from products of the Xiaomi ecosystem. But you can also say: A little more accessories (brush heads etc.) would have been nice.

Design and workmanship

Design is always a matter of taste, of course. Unlike other models, however, we in the editorial team agreed that the Viomi V2 really looks good. The plastic used in the production makes a very high-quality impression, the laser tower on the top pleases the tech design heart and the grey-black-dark green colour choice should appeal to most people. Even the first generation was visually successful, at least that’s what the Viomi stock corporation can do.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot design
The design of the robot is quite appealing.

Since I have tested the Mi Robot 1S before the Viomi, I find the workmanship there a bit better. The curves of the front bumper and the surface are even finer. But that’s a high level of complaining, the V2 is definitely positive from this point of view.

With the power button on the upper side you switch the robot on and off, start and stop it. With the other button you send it back to the charging station. From experience one will use the buttons only rarely or not at all.

Viomi V2 Vacuum Robot Buttons Charging Station
The vacuum robot can also be controlled manually using the buttons.

Our model is the international version, which you can also get when ordering from the shops linked above. Accordingly you will find a CE-mark on the underside. I personally don’t care, but many of you don’t, as you can read from the comments again and again.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot underside
The underside of the vacuum robot with CE mark.

Measuring 35.0 x 35.0 x 9.45 cm, the vacuum robot – like most models with a laser distance sensor – has grown quite tall, so you have to decide beforehand by re-measuring whether the robot is suitable for the four walls. Again and again you notice that people are annoyed that the round household helper does not get under the bed or sofa. Measure beforehand and don’t be surprised. The weight of 3.3 kg is average and trivial.

The charging station

The charging station also has a CE mark, and the same applies to the charging cable. Visually, the Viomi V2 charging station is not significantly less attractive than other models from the Xiaomi sphere. But not a design miracle either.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot charging station Dimensions
The charging station isn’t ugly, but it’s not an optical blast either.

The function of the charging station should be clear: The vacuum robot starts its work from there and returns autonomously as the charge level drops (15-20%). When docked to the charging station, firmware updates can also be downloaded.

Depending on the company’s update policy, this can be particularly worthwhile, as in addition to bug fixes and optimizations, new functions are also released from time to time. After some time, for example, the Mi Robot received the zoned cleanup feature and the Alexa controller via a firmware update.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot at charging station
The charging station lights up blue during charging. The LDS is somewhat susceptible to dust.

After a loading time of 3-4 hours, the vacuum robot is ready for operation for a working time of 2 hours. This time varies depending on the suction level set in the app. Of course, the running time of the 3200 mAh battery also depends on the conditions in the four walls. The more dirt there is in the corners, the more power the battery will lose, etc. Logical.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot backside
The V2 docks with the charging contacts on the back.

Functions of the new vacuum robot

While the first generation was mostly just chic to look at (but not much more), the second generation comes with a whole armada of features:

  • Laser room measurement via LDS (laser distance sensor)
  • Mapping with no-go zones and virtual walls (draw on map)
  • Point cleaning of certain areas
  • app control
  • wipe function
Viomi V2 Vacuum Robot Performance
The software package of the second Viomi generation is quite impressive.

The multi-room cleaning of the new Xiaomi vacuum robots Mi Robot 1S and RoboRock S6, that the AI of the robot automatically divides the entire area into different areas and that individual working times can be defined for each room, is not included. Instead, specially created areas can be defined and drawn on the map. These can be equipped with virtual walls that the robot does not run over and completely forbidden zones.

Viomi V-RVCLM21B vacuum robot virtual wall
“Ah, I can’t go in here.” Virtual walls and restricted areas can be drawn on the map in the app.

Of course, the usual vacuum robot functions such as automatic retrieval of the charging station and detection of gaps are also part of the game.

Navigation, sensors and operation of the Viomi V2

Like most high-priced and powerful vacuum robots today, the Viomi V2 navigates via laser distance sensor (LDS). The Viomi scans the obstacles in front of it and creates a virtual map on which it draws the outlines of the furniture and other obstacles.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot laser room surveying LDS
With the help of its laser distance sensor, the vacuum robot measures the premises.

A laser room measurement does not only have advantages. Here is a short overview in tabular form:

Advantages and disadvantages of laser room surveying

✔️ very detailed mapping
✔️ best room detection
✔️ few to no crashes with furniture
✔️ systematic cleaning possible
✔️ No-Go zones, virtual walls and Zoned Cleanup possible
❌ Data collection on the part of the manufacturers
❌ models by laser tower higher than other models
❌ Models slightly more expensive
❌ Laser tower susceptible to defects depending on model

To support navigation, we have included the SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), which is mandatory for vacuum robots with mapping, in the software package. Via the wall sensors on the side, the robot knows what is next to it and accordingly knows when and how far it can turn without docking. The collision sensors prevent frontal collisions and falls from heights, such as steps.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot navigation
Recognizing obstacles is normally an easy task for the Viomi V2.

The working method in detail

The Viomi V2 proceeds as follows when cleaning from the charging station (important for mapping!):

  1. Short orientation via sensors (especially LD-sensor), turns something around itself.
  2. It travels through the rooms in “Z-Shaped Mode“: In straight paths until it hits a wall (or other obstacle) and turns around. Then drives again in a straight path until he meets an obstacle.

Anyone who now thinks, “Hmm, I know that from somewhere” is not wrong. The Xiaomi and Roborock vacuum robots work according to the same principle. In general, it’s no longer advisable to buy a model that doesn’t run straight through your home. The principle of chaos in smaller flats does fulfil its purpose as far as possible, but not always every area in the four walls is driven off and cleaned accordingly.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot Obstacle detection
The obstacle detection is not as good as that of the Mi Robot 1S, but definitely positive.

The Viomi V2 works with a brush head as we know it from the Xiaomi vacuum robots. On the underside there is a main brush that works in “V-shape”, as it is called in vacuum robot marketing, with rubber lamellas and bristles alternately.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot underside brushes
At downside surface, the main brush is V-shaped.

The dust chamber

At the front, the brush head pushes the dirt to be sucked in in the direction of the main brush, which is located directly above the intake hood. The collected dirt then passes through the intake hood into the 0.6 l dust chamber. On its way there, it passes through a HEPA filter.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot flap dust chamber
The dust chamber is located under the flap on the upper side.
Viomi V2 vacuum robot dust chamber
With a potential capacity of 0.6 l, the chamber is quite large.

Of course, an exciting factor is also the 2150 pa suction power, which is the highest measured value for a vacuum robot to date. Thus the V2 leaves the in-house competition at least in this point behind, even if one does not really notice the difference. In a direct comparison with the Roborock S6 and Mi Robot 1S, the Viomi failes a little bit: Both last mentioned models vacuumed up more dirt, dust and placed garbage.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot Dimensions
2150 pa suction power – you should be happy about it. But you don’t really notice it.

Within the app you have the choice between different suction levels. Volume and suction power data are available. Since vacuum robots are supposed to work while we are on the road, the operating volume plays a subordinate role, but even at the highest suction level the V2 with 69 dB is still very quiet compared to other models. Comparison with us humans: We talk at an average volume of 60 dB.

The Viomi Robot App: Integration into the WLAN

After downloading the Viomi Robot App (Android, iOS) and registering via disposable/spam mail address, the vacuum robot must still be integrated into the app and the WLAN. As always, please note: Vacuum robots can only be connected to 2.4 GHz networks, but the current WLAN standard is 5 GHz. So you have to change the network if it does not transmit on both frequencies at the same time (which most do).

Viomi V2 Vacuum robot App connection
In theory, the Viomi robot is connected like other models.

But now the clou: There are two types of models of the Viomi V2. One can be connected via Mi Home App, one with the Viomi Robot App. Now our model is obviously one of the two types that can be connected to the Mi Home app. Fact is: The Viomi V2 is not yet unlocked in the Mi Home App, not yet available. This will change within the next one or two weeks, according to the manufacturer.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot app connection failed
Neither the Viomi nor the Xiaomi Home app can be used to connect our model.

Of course we will keep you up to date and extend and revise the test in the near future. The following steps have to be done in theory to connect the robot with the WLAN and the app:

  1. Press “Add Robot” in the app.
  2. Keep both buttons (Home + Power) on the top pressed for about 3 seconds (blue light).
  3. Enter the WLAN password.
  4. In WLAN settings, select Network “V-RVCLM21B-XXXX”.

Functions within the app

The individual features and functions within the app are listed:

  • Mapping
  • incl. drawing of no-go zones and virtual walls
  • Scheduling working times (day, time)
  • remote control
  • Setting the Wipe Function
  • Edge cleaning (travels walls and corners in a targeted manner)
  • Locating the robot
  • firmware updates
  • Tracking of the previous cleaning processes

Wipe function of the Viomi V2

Wiping functions with vacuum robots: A never-ending, mostly sad game. Most of the time, the round household helpers pull a mop on the underside behind them, making the floor somewhat damp, but fail due to real stains and coarser dirt. With the Viomi V2 the next challenger enters the ring, so that he gets the title of Narwal Vacuum Robot. For all others I would wish the wipe function away, so that the total price for the respective model sinks.

The preparation of the wipe function in a series of pictures:

Viomi V2 vacuum robot wiping function fill water tank with water
1. fill the water tank with water.
Viomi V2 Vacuum robot Wiping function Insert water tank
2. replace the dust chamber with the 0.6 l water tank.
Viomi V2 vacuum robot wiping function bottom side
3. attach a microfibre cloth to the underside of the robot.
Viomi V2 vacuum robot wiping function
4. There you go.

In fact, this wiping function is also the usual procedure for a vacuum robot (at least without app) as described above.

Viomi V2 vacuum robot Wiping function Attachment
The microfibre cloth attached to the underside can be removed with two fingers.

The app may give you better control over how much water from the water tank lands on the microfiber cloth and on the ground. But the wiping function is not recommended and not an argument to buy. I recommend the Narwal or Deebot Ozmo 930.

View to Viomi V2: in-house competition for Xiaomi?

It’s a bit like a tech fair at the moment: No matter where you look, new models are being promoted everywhere. Now also Viomi, the company that is somehow associated with Xiaomi. It’s not only hard to keep track, it’s also hard to continue to react euphorically to new robots.

I read a comment in a forum in which someone wrote that he always has this ” want to have-feeling ” with all products from the Xiaomi universe, only not with those of the brand Viomi. Somehow I feel the same way, even though I can’t explain it exactly. The spark simply doesn’t want to jump over, although the Viomi V2 has everything you’d expect from a vacuum robot. Is it perhaps due to the direct comparison with the other top models?

Viomi V2 vacuum robot dust chamber removal
The Viomi V2 is a good model, but the way up is probably too stony.

While Xiaomi takes multi-room cleaning to a new level with the Mi Robot 1S and RoboRock S6, Narwal Robotics launches the world’s first self-cleaning robot, the technical achievements of the Viomi VXRS01 are a bit poor. But the app rating is still pending, so the Viomi V2 can still collect a few points.

The brand Viomi: Meaningless or interesting for you?

To the gadget
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  • Profile picture from Ingo Berner
    # 25.05.19 um 16:37

    Ingo Berner

    Now do connect the vacuum with the app? For me it doesn’t work?

    Thanks in advance

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 28.05.19 um 10:26

      Tim CG team

      @Ingo Berner
      did you choose the mainland China? Only 2,4 GHz work with robot vaccums. Please be more specific, so I can help you in detail.

  • Profile picture from Jarek
    # 06.06.19 um 21:09


    I also do not work on the 2.4 Mi Home application, it is in the instructions, and I have a purifier pro hooked up and working in the same network. so this is not the fault of the network. I bet that older models used the viomi application and the newer one no longer supports Me Home, and Me Home does not even have such a model.

    • Profile picture from Guest
      # 06.06.19 um 21:33


      [quote id=8164 author="Jarek"It also does not work in WIFI 2.4, I have a purifier pro connected and working in the same network, so it is not the fault of the network. I bet that older models used the Viomi application, and the newer MI HOME is in the instructions. In MI HOME there is not even such a model..[/quote]

      • Profile picture from Jarek
        # 06.06.19 um 21:36


        I'm sorry I do not know how to delete previous comments I am writing through a translator and badly translated, this should be understandable

        It also does not work in WIFI 2.4, I have a purifier pro connected and working in the same network, so it is not the fault of the network. I bet that older models used the Viomi application, and the newer MI HOME is in the instructions. In MI HOME there is not even such a model.

        • Profile picture from Tim
          # 12.06.19 um 14:23

          Tim CG team


          Thanks for your opinion. The Viomi will be integrated in the Mi Home App in a few weeks.

  • Profile picture from Rapha
    # 22.10.19 um 16:02


    Hi, can you tell me where i can find filter replacement? The size is different from the s5, s55…

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 23.10.19 um 10:15

      Tim CG team

      Hi Rapha, did you already check AliExpress?

      • Profile picture from Rapha
        # 27.10.19 um 22:32


        Yea! Aliexpress, Bangood, GearBest…. The only place i found is some site from Singapore, but the shipping is ridiculous.

  • Profile picture from Vince
    # 26.07.20 um 07:28


    I bought Viomi V2 4 month ago, but sinnce the last firmware update (34) bumps into everything, moving without any following any pattern, don't want to dock. I wrote to Viomi many times, but didn't get any answer from them. What can I do?

  • Profile picture from Sandeep Bagchee
    # 02.02.21 um 13:01

    Sandeep Bagchee

    My Viomi V2 was working fine with my Android phone. The trouble started when I switched to iPhone12. I downloaded both the Viomi Robot app from the App store. However, I am unable to link the V2 to the network despite following all the steps and using only my 2.4 G network. After bringing device closer to router as asked, I get the following responses from the robot; Device Connected and Message sent to device. However, when I get to Connecting to Network it cannot connect and I get the Message" timed out". For some reason while the device identity is "V-RVCLM21B-xxxxx", on my phone the network identity is shown as Viomi-vacuum-v6_miap35FC. I do not know if there is a way to hard set the device or to upgrade the firmware so that instead of asking me to join the network V-RVCLM21B-xxxxx, as the instructions ask me to do, I can get the device to join the Network " Viomi-vacuum-v6_miap35FC" which is being shown as the network on my iPhone. Can someone help me in connecting the robot vacuum cleaner with my iPhone so that I can get it to work?

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