Viomi’s first battery vacuum cleaner: the Viomi V9

It is the year in which vacuum robot manufacturers also launch their own battery-powered vacuum cleaners. After Roborock with the H6 and Anker with the HomeVac S11, Xiaomi subsidiary Viomi is now following suit with the Viomi V9.

Technical data: Comparison with Roborock H6

Viomi V9

Roborock H6

Roborock H6 cordless vacuum cleaner hand vacuum cleaner

Suction power23,000 pa (120 AW)24,000 pa (140 AW)
Displayno1.3 inch OLED
Wipe functionnono
Appno Appno App
LED lightsYesNo
Operating Volume71-83 dB (loud)72 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery2500 mAh (exchangeable)3610 mAh
Suction stagesthreethree
Working time60 min.90 min. (Eco mode), 10 min. (Max. suction power)
Charging time3.5 h4 h
Dust chamber0.4 l0.4 l
Dimensions125.0 x 25.0 x 23.5 cm110.0 x 21.5 x 11.0 cm
Weight1.54 kg as manual vacuum cleaner1.4 kg as manual vacuum cleaner
CE markexpected yesyes

Viomi V9: As good as the vacuum robots?

The design of the V9 is in the typical Viomi mint green-black, as we know it from the vacuum robots V2, V2 Pro and V3. Although the Viomi brand is not catching on in this country, despite being part of the popular Xiaomi brand, the products are not to blame. A few months ago, the company’s first cordless vacuum cleaner would have been rated with refreshing features and top values. In mid-June 2020, 23,000 pa suction power and 60 minutes working time are still very good, but no longer top values.

23,000 pa suction power is a lot, but not the current best value.

The engine of the V9 works with 100.000 rpm, which should be a feature of almost every current top model. Charging time (3.5 h), dust chamber size (0.4 l) and dimensions (125.0 x 25.0 x 23.5 cm) are also average for models above $200. Even if the price for the given suction power is quite attractive – what really speaks for the Viomi V9?

Emptying the 0.4 l dust chamber is contact-free and thus allergy-friendly.

So far all average but solid values for a battery vacuum cleaner below $250 (excl. shipping). But what makes the V9 quite interesting is the replaceable battery and the LED lights installed on the floor nozzle. Because of the exchangeability of the battery, the vacuum cleaner is guaranteed a longer lifetime.

The battery of the V9 is exchangeable and probably easy to remove.

But the question that cannot be answered at this point is how easy it will be to get original replacement batteries. The first place to go will probably be the Chinese shops Geekbuying, AliExpress and in the future probably also GearBest. Most of the time, Viomi products will be available for us in this country via these platforms.

The built-in LED lights allow a better view in dark corners or under the bed.

Evaluation: Buy Viomi V9?

The Viomi V9 has the same problem as its vacuum robot relatives: it lacks a unique selling point. A bit of everything and a lot of good things, but nothing that would knock you off your feet. I consider the material used in production to be good – as is customary for companies from Xiaomi’s ecosystem – and I also like the design. In general, based on the data and pictures I’ve seen so far, there’s nothing to criticize about the vacuum cleaner – but compared to other top models, there’s nothing to emphasize. Furthermore, the current shipping costs are just to high.

Or how do you see that? Is it worth testing the Viomi V9?

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