Pocket knife? How about the pocket axe?

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

If your old pocket knife just always lacked the blade to be able to chop firewood, then here comes the solution. This compact tool has a hammer and a hatchet among many other functions.

Volken 14 in 1 multitool

There were already some multitools here with us. In addition to the classic knife, many of them also offer pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers and more. Most of them are also included here. A total of 14 different tools can be found in this gadget. However, the hatchet and the hammer head stand out. The hatchet in particular is of course quite special. While I find the hammer practical for working not only with screws but also with nails, wood is rarely chopped.

Both tools are the only ones that cannot be folded. There is not enough space in the handle for this. So that one does not hurt oneself at the blade of the axe, this has however at least a cover.

Volken folding axe features

The remaining tools are as already mentioned rather standard. Pliers and cable cutter, saw and file, as well as screwdriver and wrench are available here. There is also a bottle opener, although experts can also open a bottle with any of the tools.

The whole tool weighs about 425 grams and is about 17.5 centimeters long. Stainless steel is used as the material. Overall, I see the gadget more as a tool for DIY use than as an outdoor tool. However, it is also advertised for camping use, and at least for processing firewood, it of course offers everything necessary.

Volken folding axe functions

I’m not entirely sure about the material quality. At just under $10, the multitool is really damn cheap. That’s nice at first, but already suspiciously little. Are all the blades really sharp and do all the tools deliver what they promise? That’s what we have to find out. The tool itself comes along with a pouch to carry it on your belt. If you value the look, you can also get it with a different colored handle.

What is your opinion? Can you do anything with this multitool, would you even want to try it out, or are you well served with your pocket knife?

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