Frozen neck or back? The warming vest from $33.99 at Amazon

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Anyone who has gone outside these days will have noticed that it has become quite cold. Whether it will stay that way or become even colder, we cannot yet say. Fortunately, there are ways to survive the day in the fresh air despite the icy cold. Some people like several layers of clothing (the so-called onion principle), others help themselves with the first mulled wine. With the warming vest you save both and can keep warm on cold days. Then you don’t need warm thoughts anymore.

Warming vest

Stay hot on cold days

There are many different versions of the vest, prices range from 20 to over $200. The model here from Amazon consists of quilted down. It is available in sizes M to XL. According to the manufacturer it is also wind and waterproof. At first sight a completely normal vest. But inside it has two heating zones in the area of the back and the neck, which are made of carbon fiber. This should ensure a good and constant heat conduction. The two heating zones are operated by a 5 V / 2.1 A power bank. However, this is not included in the price and scope of delivery. This powerbank makes it possible to heat up the carbon fibers in three different heating stages.

Heating stages

Heating levelTemperatureEffect
Level 125 °C / 77 °Fefficient temperature control
Level 235 °C / 95 °Fpleasant temperature control
Level 345 °C / 113 °Fwarm temperature control


The button on the left breast can be used to switch between the three heating levels. This button is illuminated by LEDs. By the different LED colors you can also differentiate between the different levels:

  • Violet/ level 1
  • Blue/ level 2
  • Red/ Level 3

Warming vest button with LEDs

If you spend a lot of time outside in winter, whether it’s for work or a vacation, you can use this to keep warm throughout the day. The muscles do not get cold and you have no problems after a cold day in the fresh air. Of course you should use a full powerbank so that you stay warm long enough. Maybe it is enough to heat the vest for a short period of time and then use the heat for a while. If you don’t have a reasonable powerbank you can also ask us for different models.

Not everyone has problems with the weather, but those who have notorious frostbite will be happy about any help to keep warm.

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