Who Cares, I’m already Late – The World’s Most Honest Watch for $1.68

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I’m late everywhere. I’m late to work. I’m late to class. I’m late to the Doctor’s. It’s less common for me to be on time than it is for me to be late. While this is something I readily admit, I’m not exactly proud of it. This who cares i’m already late watch wants to change that.

Who cares im already late watch

This could be called the Most Brutal Watch in the World, or the Most Honest, depending on how you look at it. But for under $2, this watch will brazenly display your lack of temporal recognition for all to see. At AliExpress you can even choose between a variety of wristband colors.

Those who pride themselves on being on time, or those that try to fight their natural tendency to not be on time, may not find this watch very helpful. But for those of us who would rather float through life with the motto “I’ll get there when I get there” than stress more over the time, this watch is perfect for you. Plus, for less than $2 it’s a bargain (it is a functioning watch, after all).

And even when you yourself are always on time: this is the perfect gift for your tardy friends! Birthday, Easter, Christmas, you name it, the who cares i’m already late watch is always a good idea.

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