Portable 15.6 inch touch screen monitor with USB-C port from WIMAXIT for $198.99 on Amazon

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The WIMAXIT touch screen monitor is mobile and can be used as a second monitor for a laptop or even a smartphone. A gaming console can also be connected. We’ve tried all the features: You can read what we think of the monitor here.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch touchscreen

Display typeTFT IPS LCD with LED backlight
Resolution1920 x 1080p
Vertical frequency60Hz
Connectors2 x USB-C, 2 x Mini-HDMI, Micro-USB, Headphone connector
Loudspeaker2 x 1.5W
Nominal voltage5V 2A

Why an additional monitor?

Why a portable monitor at all? Anyone who uses a computer a lot at home or at work has long appreciated a second monitor. In some situations I would like to see a third display if, in addition to the text field in which I write and several open browser tabs on the second screen, the chat program also flashes or if I would like to display a video/video call.

A portable monitor makes the comfort of a second display on the go possible. Not only does it simply become an extended display for the laptop; a suitable smartphone can also be connected. Since it’s a touch screen, you can even operate the phone completely via the large screen, turning it into a tablet. This all sounds very good and also explains the price of around $300. But how good is the monitor really? We have the test.

Processing & Design

The monitor looks… like a monitor. Whatever you expected. The 15.6 inch display is framed at the top and at the sides by a border only a few millimeters thick. The lower edge is just over two centimeters wide, with the manufacturer’s name in the middle. On the left side there are five keys for operation as well as a micro-USB connection. On the right are the important connectors: There are two USB C slots and two mini HDMI slots as well as a headphone connection.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C monitor connectors

The leather cover is firmly attached and surrounds almost the entire screen with the exception of the bottom third of the back. It can be folded down and either lie flat on the back or folded to serve as a support. Here is the first problem: The support unfortunately doesn’t hold very well. It is magnetic at the bending point and holds at the back of the screen, but you can’t “fix” the angle. The more you bend the cover and the flatter the display is, the more its own weight pushes the support apart.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor Leather Case Front
On the front side you can see the kink in the cover …
WIMAXIT 15,6 inch USB-C Monitor Leather Case Backside
… about half of it is covered on the back.

This is a problem especially on smooth surfaces. On a smooth wooden table the construction can hardly be left standing, as even a wobble at the table can cause the screen to fall over. Although it usually falls backwards – i.e. onto the leather cover – and slips more than it “falls”, this should not be the case. The support holds better on rough underground, for instance on the sofa. Nothing slips here, even if you bump into it.

WIMAXIT 15,6 inch USB-C Monitor Support
On a smooth surface the support slips easily, on a rough surface there are no problems.

A second point that I don’t like so much is the five keys. These are round metal buttons with a diameter of only a few millimetres. These are not particularly pleasant to press, especially as you have to keep them pressed for some functions. Since the buttons are also difficult to press, it’s almost impossible to operate them with one hand without moving the tablet – you have to hold it with your second hand. Fortunately, you don’t need the buttons often.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor Buttons

Apart from that, the workmanship makes a very good impression. The metal frame is smooth and feels high-quality, the display itself also looks excellent (more about that). There are small gaps at the connectors, which are not completely centered and firmly seated in the case. But nothing wobbles here and I didn’t have any problems during the whole test. On the back we also find a CE-mark.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor CE Marking

Accessories – Cables and plugs

The WIMAXIT monitor comes directly to you with the appropriate cables. That’s also good, because while HDMI and USB-C cables are slowly entering many households, especially mini-HMDI cables are rare (at least I don’t have one at home). The enclosed cables are:

  • USB-C to USB-C
  • USB-A to USB-C
  • HDMI to Mini-HDMI

All three cables are one meter long, which is not enough for every cable. For example, the USB-A cable, which can be used as a power cable, could be a bit longer. The quality of the cables is fine, even if the plug design already looks a bit outdated. If you don’t like the cables, just use your own, but I didn’t have any problems here and am satisfied.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C monitor cable

But they made quite a mistake with the mains plug that they enclosed with the cables. This adapter with USB-A connector looks normal at first sight; but you’ll notice something wrong when you touch it for the first time. The adapter is remarkably light and the plastic feels hollow and cheap (and smells really unpleasant). At the bottom you can see clear gaps in the fairing. The Quick Charge logo looks like a fake, and on the back there is a pitifully bad imitation of a CE mark.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor Charger

Such a charger costs me only $10 even at Amazon, so why don’t you just add a reasonable version here? After all, the display itself is provided with a correct CE-marking, why does one save the cheapest accessory? After all, the Charger works and doesn’t have any serious flaws, but nevertheless it simply clouds the overall picture. Since in most cases you don’t need a charger at all, it would have been even better in my opinion not to include one at all.

In addition, there is a short manual and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the display.

The display – top quality

If you haven’t been deterred by the small flaws so far, you can now look forward to the highlights of the device. Because I really like the display itself. Format (16:9) and resolution (1080p) are fully ok, in addition the display has a very high adjustable brightness. The reflection is negligible at high screen brightness (even if you can shave in front of it when the display is switched off). Outside in direct sunlight you won’t see much.

WIMAXIT 15.6 Inch USB-C Monitor Settings

Added to this is the touch function, which not every USB-C monitor has. This is also true for multipoint inputs and makes the Windows surface of the laptop operable by touch.

The response time of the monitor is so short that I don’t notice any delay during operation. This is especially important when playing games, but input lag is annoying during all activities, including working and browsing in leisure time. There are no problems here.

The different functions


Probably the most common type of use will be as a second monitor for the laptop. If you have a laptop with a USB port (like my Mi notebook, which I used most of the time in this test), a single cable will do, the included USB-C to USB-C cable. This supplies the monitor with power, sends the video signal and ensures that you can use the touch function.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C monitor on laptop
Surf on one screen, watch a video on the other …
WIMAXIT 15,6 inch USB-C Monitor on Laptop
… or let off steam on the touch screen

Theoretically you can also use an external power source and connect the monitor via HDMI or USB-C. This makes sense if you want the laptop battery to last a little longer and don’t have to power the second monitor. The best way to do this is to use a power bank, ideally one that can charge the laptop itself in an emergency.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C monitor on laptop cable connection
A USB-C cable is sufficient to use the display.

If you connect laptop and display with several cables, you’ll get problems. Not only did you have quite a tangle of cables, but I was also shown several connected displays in Windows. Also the sound didn’t work properly and was either extremely quiet on the WIMAXIT and could only be played on the laptop, or didn’t work at all. As a general rule, the fewer cables, the better.

Nintendo Switch

You can also connect a console to the screen. This can either be done classically via HDMI or, in the case of the Nintendo Switch, via USB-C. In any case, an external power source is needed, since the switch, unlike a notebook, doesn’t have enough power to power the monitor. Nevertheless: Monitor attached to the power bank and the switch simply attached to the monitor via USB-C cable, you can get started.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor Nintedo Switch Gameplay

A few details are important: Even if the display of the switch has a touch screen, this function is not supported on the monitor. I also had to remove the Joy Cons from the console, otherwise none of the buttons (except the Home and Screenshot buttons) worked. That’s not a dealbreaker for me and was to be expected, because you take the Joy Cons off when the console is in the dock and you play on the TV. So just pick up the Joy Cons or use another controller (like in front of the TV) and there are no problems.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C Monitor Nintedo Switch Gameplay Split Screen
You can also gamble on the split screen without any problems – unlike on the small switch display.

The picture is shown in 1080p (the display of the switch itself can only 720p) as well as on a TV screen. If you take the monitor with you, which is easily possible in almost any backpack, you have the possibility to play a round of Mario Kart on the road or anywhere else – on a Full HD monitor and optionally also in splitscreen. A real upgrade for the console.


If you have a second generation smartphone with UBS-C 3.1, you can also use it on the WIMAXIT monitor. Then you can either duplicate the display or even operate the smartphone completely via a desktop interface. With Huawei/Honor, for example, this is called Easy Projection. In this case, the smartphone display becomes the touchpad for the mouse pointer with which you navigate through the Android desktop view.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch touchscreen
The desktop interface of Honor Play with “Easy Projection”. The mobile phone serves as a touchpad for the mouse.

The touch function of the monitor can also be used with the smartphone, and the duplicated Android surface can be operated in parallel on the mobile phone or the large screen. On the one hand, the large display is more pleasant to read, on the other hand it is easier to write on, whereby in this case one would like to use a keyboard in addition.

WIMAXIT 15.6 inch USB-C monitor with smartphone lockscreen

Smartphones that feature the USB-C 3.1 Gen2 standard and are therefore compatible are, according to the manufacturer, the Huawei Mate10 and Mate10 Pro as well as the P20 and P20 Pro; the Samsung models S8/S8+, S9/S9+, Note 8 and Note 9; and other current models such as HTC10, Lumia 950, Smartisan R1 and Smartisan Pro 2S.

Price comparison

There is also a 13.3 inch display for $138 from the same manufacturer. Even cheaper is the 11.6 inch version for $118.99, which has no touchscreen and only a micro-USB port.

A direct comparison with other models is difficult, as almost no model has the same features. The ASUS ZenScreen, for instance, is similar in size, but is not a touch screen and has no HDMI connection. That’s why this monitor costs less.

The price of almost $300 for the WIMAXIT monitor seems steep, but is reasonable with this range of functions. In my opinion, the benefits outweigh the purchase costs absolutely.


We really wanted to try such a USB-C monitor and decided for this model from WIMAXIT. Except for a few flaws, I’m very enthusiastic about the display. You have to make sure that it is stable and doesn’t tip over, and adjusting the display using the keys for the first time might be more pleasant. Apart from that, it’s a great device.

Do you (occasionally) work from home/home office?

The display itself convinces in terms of resolution, brightness and response time. In addition, it’s a touch screen that can be used with Windows and Android. The display does not require a power cord, but can be used with a laptop or smartphone directly with just one cable. This works because the display actually consumes very little power. As a second monitor for the laptop or for gaming on the go a great option.

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