Just wear your wine glass around your neck for $1.53

Totally practical and absolutely stylish! Fits suit and tie as well as evening dress. But the wine glass carrying strap is also suitable for less demanding occasions. An all-round talent for everyday life.

Wine Glass Carrying Strap

At parties, especially when most people are standing anyway, there’s usually not enough room to put down your food or your glass. But especially for eating you need both hands, so where to put your glass? If you are a wine drinker, you can simply hang it around your neck with the wine glass carrying strap. It may look funny, but it’s definitely practical.

With this wine holder you always have both hands free, and can still enjoy a glass of wine. It’s a kind of lanyard that you can wear around your neck. The lanyard is made of fabric and therefore comfortable to wear without rubbing or pressing. The actual wine glass holder is then attached to two eyelets.

Wine glass carrying strap opening
Should fit all common wine glasses.

The attachment for the glass is shaped to fit most red and white wine glasses. The whole thing is made of rubber and therefore a little stretchy. Thus also glasses of different sizes should be able to be carried easily with the holder. The collar is long enough that you can drink comfortably without taking the whole thing off.

Of course, the wine glass carrying strap is also suitable for people who do not drink wine, but still want to have their hands free. Maybe even the morning coffee mug on the way to work or university will fit into the opening so your hands are free for the smartphone, or the drinking bottle for the little ones. Or even something completely different, non-drinkable. We are looking forward to your ideas, suggestions and, of course, photographs of your experiences šŸ™‚

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