Wine glass holder for the bathroom for $2.84

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You want to prepare yourself for the party evening with your friends and of course you can’t miss a glass or two of wine. With all this fun, you forget to prepare yourself visually and only notice it shortly before the party express rolls off. With the wine glass holder you can take your wine glass with you. Whether in the shower, next to the toilet or on the mirror in the bathroom.

Wine glass holder two colours

The wine glass holder is made of plastic and measures 16 x 10 x 0.5 cm. The holder should be self-adhesive; the holder should be attached to smooth, glass-like surfaces such as mirrors, marble or tiles. After fixing, the wine glass holder should not be used for 24 hours so that it really sticks. Then you can start and the holder is completely ready for use. When the holder is no longer needed, it can be removed and, according to the manufacturer, no residue should be visible.

Wine glass holder mounted
The wine glass holder can not only hold wine glasses. Champagne glasses can also be held.

This wine glass holder will not be really useful. The addition that you can also use a champagne glass with a smaller body does not change anything. It is a party gadget without a deeper meaning. The question of whether it can be removed 100 % without leaving any residue can also be asked. You can put the glass on the sink or leave it in the dining room – but you can also use an extra holder for it. Cool idea, no real added value. Or what do you think?

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