For on the road? Wireless hand mixer for $20.95

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Hello, it’s me again with the mini kitchen and a soft spot for practical gadgets. Today, one from the category of mini household appliances: the wireless hand mixer.

Cordless Mixer

Small & Handy

First, it has to be said that this wireless hand mixer obviously can’t keep up with a much better equipped mixer, but that’s not what it’s meant for. For me, this gadget is interesting because I own a food processor and a whisk. But not for everything it is worth the bulky food processor to get out and the whisk then takes too long. Therefore, this small hand mixer is perfect to whip egg whites, milk foam to stir or eggs to mix. There are many small applications.

Cordless Mixer Scope of Delivery

The device measures 20.5 x 6.4 x 9.5 cm and weighs a light 400 grams. The scope of delivery includes a small Chinese manual, the hand mixer, two stirring sticks and a micro USB cable. The handling of the device is also very easy to recognize without a German manual, only the micro-USB cable is a bit annoying. It is very short and just a bit outdated when all other devices already run with USB-C.

Cordless Mixer Connections

However, the good thing is that you only have to connect the device to the charging cable for a short time in between so that the blender is ready to go again. The port is located behind a rubber flap on the top of the device. Directly underneath is the power button. This turns the hand mixer on by pressing it twice, and then cycles through the three speed settings with each additional press.

Cordless Mixer Details

The wireless hand mixer automatically shuts off after 60 seconds. At first, I thought that was very short after all, but in fact, in my case at least, that was more than enough to froth up about 100 ml of milk. And significantly more than I would have expected.

Cordless Mixer Test

Cordless Mixer Test 2

The mixer comes in three different color options, pink, white and just the mint green of our device. At the end of the handle is a rubber hook, with which you can easily hang the mixer.

Hand Mixer to go

The end result is impressive and it really went very quickly. I’m not a foam expert now, but it really lasted a very long time and definitely held up to my demands for a nice milk foam.

Cordless Mixer Test Result

Of course, we are talking about a really small and inexpensive hand mixer, which is not intended to stir larger things, but just for the little things where larger devices are not worth it, for people who have no use for a large mixer or for on the road. Now not in the hotel, but on the campsite or in the caravan I could imagine the wireless hand mixer well. Especially since you could also simply charge it quickly via powerbank.

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