For the nature lover: Wood Pillow from $4.99 on Amazon

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If you are in need of something fun, different and querky, we might just have found the perfect thing for you. A wood pillow. And yes, it is comfy as hell.

Wood Pillow Wood Log


These Wood Pillows are made from 100% cotton, (the first one) with a flanel outside, and are sure to confuse any unsuspecting house visitor when used at throw cushions. The sellers insist that these wood pillows are incredibly comfortable and great to sleep on. While comfort is more a question of taste, these pillows would certainly make some interesting decorative throw pillows for a nature-inspired living room. You can choose between different types of wood. For example the accurate replica of a raw wooden log or a square wood. Even so, the wanted effect of wonder and excitement will be guaranteed.

Wood Pillow Square Wood

These square wood pillows just seem so uncomfortable but apparently they are perfect for snuggling up. And maybe surprise your significant other with a little whack when not behaving properly 🙂

They really might be the most natural looking and therefore maybe have the biggest effect on your guests. If you like interesting and special decorations in your home, these pillows will be perfect for you.

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