Wowstick SD Combo – Set with two screwdrivers for $16

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Wowstick is known for their screwdriver sets in a compact size. Now there is the Wowstick SD Combo, which brings a combination of two screwdrivers. One for the fine and one for the coarse?

Wowstick SD Combo Use

Technical details

ModelWowstick SD Combo
Dimensions182 x 27 mm (household screwdriver)
121 x 10 mm (precision screwdriver)
Scope of delivery1 x household screwdriver
1 x precision screwdriver
20 x bits
1 x storage case

Xiaomi or Wowstick?

You might think that Wowstick belongs to Xiaomi, especially due to the colors and its sweeping design. However, that is not directly the case. Although Xiaomi is often mentioned in the same breath as Wowstick and is responsible for logistics and distribution in China, among other things, Wowstick is still independent and does not belong to Xiaomi.

Extensive but compact

The scope of delivery of the screwdriver set is extensive, as you would expect from the other Wowstick screwdrivers. This consists of two screwdrivers (household screwdriver and precision screwdriver) a storage case and 20 magnetic bits, ten for the precision screwdriver and ten for the household screwdriver. The household screwdriver is slightly larger at 18.2 x 2.7 cm than the precision screwdriver, which is 12.1 x 1.0 cm.

In terms of color, the Wowstick SD Combo is almost exclusively gray, with both screwdrivers and the bits in this color. Only the case stands out a bit in white. The screwdrivers are made of aluminum and are supposed to be rust-proof.

Two screwdrivers

The household screwdriver is slightly wider and larger than the precision screwdriver and therefore also offers storage space for up to ten bits. The other ten bits are for the precision screwdriver and can be stored in the included case.

The difference in size between the two screwdrivers benefits the precision mechanic screwdriver. Due to its more compact design, it gets into corners and tight places much better and of course also has significantly smaller bits.

Using the screwdrivers is simple: insert attachments into the hole of the respective screwdriver and the screwing can begin. The bits have two fixed sizes. The larger version with 6.3 x 25 mm is designed for the household screwdriver and the 4 x 28 mm attachment for the precision screwdriver.

The plug-in function saves space because you don’t have to use an extra screwdriver for each attachment. Especially when you are on vacation, the Wowstick saves a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about loose screws.


The Xiaomi Wowstick SD Combo is a much more compact and space-saving alternative to the familiar screwdrivers from the toolbox. The scope of delivery is decent and leaves nothing to be desired. What I like about the screwdriver set is the combination of both screwdrivers, which combines precision work and everyday problems with loose screws and gets them out of the way.

With a price of just under $20 for the Wowstick SD Combo, this is admittedly one of the cheaper models of the brand. In comparison with similar sets on Amazon, however, the Wowstick is no longer strikingly cheap. A set from Bosch with significantly more bits costs around $29, but here everything is no longer stored in such a space-saving way.

The Amazon models are usually not as nicely finished and somewhat less comfortable than the Wowstick (okay, matter of taste). So if design is important to you and you can do without bells and whistles like electric screwdrivers, the Wowstick SD Combo is a good replacement.

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