(Xiaomi) Wowtation wowpad for precision mechanic work for $4.50

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Wowtation, one of the many companies supported by Xiaomi, specializes in tooling. After the wowstick comes the wowpad, a magnetic work surface. We never care about bad puns and say: “Wow,” and take a closer look at the gadget.

Xiaomi Wowtation Wowpad magnetic pad with screws

Worktop with wow effect?

The Wowstick is an electric screwdriver with 18 different magnetic bits. The tool received a certain amount of attention and also found some enthusiastic supporters. The Wowpad is now a logical addition to this.

According to the product description, the small plate is made of plastic, but in this case at least the core must be metallic. The main reason for the gadget, the magnetism, must come about somehow. It is barely more than 2 mm thick (0.08 inches). In length and width it measures 16.5 x 6.5 cm.

Xiaomi Wowtation Wowpad Magnetic Pad

The advantage is obvious: The small screws and bits do not slip. Nothing is more annoying than a screw that rolls to the floor while repairing the phone or, in the worst case, under a cabinet. Those who work this way more often will inevitably experience this for themselves at some point.

In addition, lines are drawn here on the base, which should give some orientation, especially with several and different screws. Whether this is now necessary remains to be seen. But of course it’s not bad, and of course it provides a more appealing look, which Xiaomi should never miss out on. Accordingly, the product is again presented on the advertising graphics more like a designer piece than a tool.

Xiaomi Wowtation Wowpad

By the way, there is another Wowtation product: A small box for the bits of the wowstick. This is called “Wowcase” – a compliment to the creative department at Wowtation. The small 52 mm box completes the set of cordless screwdriver and matching work surface. For example, the most used bits can be stored separately.

Wowcase Box for Bits
7 bits of the wowstick or Wiha set fit into the box.

What do you think of the wowpad?

Is this pad needed now? Maybe not, but it certainly makes working easier. The wowpad is ideal for the wowstick or the screwdriver set from Xiaomi and Wiha. It has a similar size and can be easily stored and transported together.

What about the hobbyists among you? Do you always have use for the magnetic base? Or does nothing ever fall down anyway? ?

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