X-Sense Home Security System with App-Control for $119.99

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Who wouldn’t want to know what’s happening at home when you’re not there? The X-Sense Home Security System promises just that with an app integration at a price of just $119.99. Can it convince?

X-Sense Home Security System

5-Piece Kit

X-Sense offers, as the name suggests, a 5-Piece kit of their security system, which consists of a Base Station, a Motion Sensor, two Entry Sensors and a Remote Control. These can be connected together in one app to form a smart security system for your home.

X-Sense 5-Piece Kit

Base Station

The X-Sense Home Security System consists of 5 parts. First, there is a Base Station, which is the hub of the home security system and connects all sensors to the X-Sense Home Security App. This gives the user complete control over their home security at all times, no matter where they are. The Base Station has a 1 1/4-mile transmission range and a 105 dB loud alarm. It can also be connected to up to 32 sensors and 6 remote controls.

X-Sense Base Station

Motion Sensor

Then there is a motion sensor that can be positioned anywhere. When it is armed and someone enters the monitored area, the sensor sends an alarm to the system. In the app, the user can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to send detailed or more accurate alerts. It has a 110° detection angle, a 12-meter detection coverage and the sensor sensitivity can be divided into 5 levels.

X-Sense Motion Sensor

Entry Sensor

In addition, the 5-piece kit of the X-Sense Home Security System offers two entry sensors that can be installed on doors and/or windows. These also send an alarm immediately when they are armed. In addition, the manufacturer promises 3-year battery life and easy installation. The detection threshold of the Entry Sensor is just under 2.5 cm.

X-Sense Entry Sensor

Remote Control

Last but not least, the 5-piece kit also includes a remote control. As you know it from a remote control, you can take control of the security system with it alternatively to the X-Sense Home Security App. Especially for older people who may have difficulties using the app, this remote control can be a good help. The battery life is said to be as long as 5 years and a potential life-saving SOS button is also located on the remote control.

X-Sense Remote Control

X-Sense Home Security App

The X-Sense Home Security App is available for both iOS and Android, so that users can always be aware of unwanted access while on the move. Either the user downloads the app from the respective Google Play/ Apple App Store, or alternatively he can scan the QR code on the bottom of the packaging. After that, the user has to create an account within the app and connect the Base Station to the local Wi-Fi network. After that, one can add the individual sensors and also the remote control via QR code scan in the app. Once you have completed this, you can choose from a Home and Away mode and then select which sensors should when be active. When you have all of these connected and set, you will receive real-time notifications when something happens.

X-Sense Home Security App


If you’re looking for a smart security system for your home, you can hardly go wrong with the X-Sense Home Security System 5-Piece Kit. Both doors and windows can be secured with this, making unintentional intrusion by strangers seem almost impossible without attention. Thanks to the app control, everything can also be customized and monitored well away from home.

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