XGIMI Elfin – Flat Full HD Projector for $549

You have to look pretty closely to find anything special about projectors. Cheap models, whether with HD or Full HD, are a dime a dozen, and 90% of them look the same. The XGIMI Elfin stands out from other projectors at least visually, but it also offers enough interesting points with Android TV 10.0, automatic keystone correction and 800 lumens of brightness.

ResolutionFull-HD / 1080p
Screen formats16:9, 4:3
Display diagonal<200 Zoll
Brightness800 ANSI Lumen
Power consumption65W
Speakers2x 3 Watt

The XGIMI Elfin is a Full HD projector with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p. However, movies or videos in 2K or 4K are at least supported and can be played back. The brightness is specified with 800 ANSI lumens, the maximum size of the projection with 200 inches (I always find a bit unrealistic, no one has the space anyway). The projector also supports HDR10+ and MEMC. As an LED/DLP projector, the lighting elements have a long lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Compact design

All of this is still not special at first and can also be found in this way in other, cheaper projectors. However, the XGIMI Elfin is particularly compact and light. It is only 5 centimeters thin and weighs just under 900 grams. The dimensions are more reminiscent of a slightly larger TV box than a projector. Thus, it is naturally easy to stow away and also transport when needed.

XGIMI has been cooperating with Harman/Kardon for a long time and again uses speakers from the manufacturer. With two times 3 watts, they should not offer a particularly voluminous or even outstanding sound experience. However, you won’t find that in most projectors; I would at least assume an above-average sound quality here.

The fan is quiet under 30 dB according to the description. That is about the threshold above which the noise is barely perceptible or at least no longer annoying.

Android TV 10 operating system

As mentioned, Android TV 10.0 is used as the operating system. Chromecast and Google Assistant are also included. A variety of apps can be installed via the Playstore, Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ are explicitly mentioned.

Other features include automatic keystone correction and auto-focus. Both are implemented by a sensor on the front that detects the distance and angle of the projector to the screen. Somewhat surprisingly, the projector also supports 3D. The technology has rather fallen out of fashion in the last few years and would absolutely no longer be a purchase criterion for me. However, those who value it will find what they are looking for here.


The XGIMI Elfin sounds like a solid overall package. There are cheaper Full HD projectors out there, but with DLP technology, Android 10 and the other features, the Elfin offers much more than the usual 100-200$ Amazon models. The brightness of 800 ANSI lumens is also clearly above that of these budget models. In addition, there is the interesting shape, which is not a pro-argument per se, but can also be advantageous depending on the intended use. Extras like the autofocus and 3D support (!) round out the package.

The projector can be ordered from XGIMI on its own website or from Amazon.

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